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Early Television Stations

W9XMJ/W9XD/WTMJ - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This station, operated by the Milwaukee Journal, began broadcasting as W9XD in 1930 in the 2.1-2.8 mHz band using equipment made by Western Television. In 1931 the station obtained a license in the new VHF band (43-80 mHz). Apparently no actual television images were transmitted on these frequencies, but the station tested the characteristics of VHF transmission. In 1934 the station became an experimental Apex (high quality AM radio) station. The station ended its experimentation in 1938 and relinquished its licence.

In 1940 the station received a license for W9XMJ, which began broadcasting in October on the new channel 3 (66-72 mHz) with a power of 1 kw. In September 1941 the station received a commercial licence, and became WTMJ. Here is an article about their mobile van, and an article by Dick Golembiewski:

Broadcasting, April 1 1938

Broadcasting, November 15 1938

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