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Early Television Stations


WWDT, owned by by Evening News Corp., made Detroit's first public demonstration of television on October 23, 1946. A day of programming was telecast from the Penobscot building to Convention Hall, just three miles away. This was a one-day event, and WWDT started broadcasting with a regular schedule on March 4, 1947. They changed their call sign to WWJ-TV later that year.

Here are photos of the 1946 telecast:

The audience at Convention Hall

Left to right: George Hunter, William Kuinzel and Henry Fraser

Left to right: Dr. Louis Gariepy, Admiral Chester Nimitz and Andrew Kirkpatrick

Right Reverend Frank W. Creighton. Cameraman is Frank Tantello


WWJ-TV Photos from 1947-48

1947 camera

Courtesy of Chuck Pharis

Control panel - audio is on the right, video on the left (July 1947)



A 1948 Hudson in the WWJ-TV Studio