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CTC-12 is, well, let's open this up to you. What's your first thought when you hear CTC-12? Pictures of your CTC-12? Personal experience. Whatever. Send me something CTC-12ish for this page.


Early Television

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Steve Dichter. Early Television
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Royden G. Anderson.

Mention of CTC-12 on your site instantly brought into my mind the first horizontal chassis from RCA's Bloomington plant.

I visited that plant in late 1962 and saw the transition from CTC-11 to CTC-12 at that time. About a dozen assembly lines were running and some 11's were coming off of a few. I had no knowledge of the 12's being made before that visit, and it was the start of full scale production for competing brands.

Admiral's were getting labels put on chassis and being stacked for cabinets that were coming in during the next week.

I loved the 21FBP22 round tubes, great flesh tone and fun to set up sets with that tube. The yokes were keeping copper mines in business, RCA winding their own yokes, telltale 274 source code on them.

I own ANDY'S TV SERVICE in Palmer, Michigan near Lake Superior. I'm 71 now and keep business open as a hobby. I was fortunate to get into TV when I did, had a lifetime of fun in the process!