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Changes and Additions to the Site


May 17 More pictures of Tel-Instrument Co. 2401 monitor
  More pictures of RCA TK-25 prototype film chain
  Museum sets restored by volunteers
  Airmaster postwar american set
May 16 More on CT-100 Engineering sample
May 15 CT-100 Engineering sample
  B+ booster
  RCA 1954 TV Filmstrip - Courtesy of Matt D'Asaro
May 14 Surviving Early Electronic Set Database Summary updated: Andrea 2-F-12 and RCA TRK-5 added
May 13 New acquisition: RCA TK-25 prototype film chain
May 5 New acquisions: Zenith Christmas dealer displays
May 3 Tel-Instrument Co. 2401 monitor
  Surviving Early Color Set Database Summary updated:Tel-Instrument 2401 monitor added
May 2 Nick Williams CRT rebuilding progress report
Apr 30 Westinghouse H22T155 operating manual
April 29 Mechanical station W8KVD in Columbus, Ohio
April 19 New acquisition: Ampex VR-660 VTR
  Surviving Early Color Set Database Summary updated: Westinghouse H840CK15 added
April 12 Mechanical TV demonstration at the Iowa State Fair (1931)
April 10 New aquisition: Silvertone 7270, donated to the museum by John Folsom
Aoril 8 W9XD Milwaukee
  General Electric HM-185 on Display in Portland, Oregon
  Obituary of Bob Degrass, Inventor of Colordaptor
Mar 26 Pioneer mechanical scanner advertisement
Mar 25 General Electric Talaria
  Television set production - 1950
  RCA Tube Handbook HB3
Mar 19 Western Television 1930 Lens Disk prototype
Mar 7 Television Image Reaches Africa
  Television, FDR and the 1940 Presidential Conventions
Mar 2 Presenters announced for the Early Television Convention
  Swenson's to provide food truck for Friday evening at the Convention
  Newark, New Jersey TV demonstration (1928)
Feb 28 Surviving Early Electronic Set Database Summary updated: Marconi 709 added
Feb 26 Surviving Mechanical Set Database Summary updated: Hartman Model 24 added
  Hartman Model 24
Feb 25 More on Re-Nu Radio and Television College
  Ampex CC324 advertisement
Feb 18 Help get our display sets working again
Feb 17 Nearby motels for the Convention
  Creating a Home TV Transmitter
Feb 16 Baird and Farnsworth - site describing Baird's use of the image dissector in the BBC television trials in 1935
  The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
Feb 13 W6VSV, amateur telecaster
  W6XAO transmitter site with swimming pool
Feb 8 Another Hollywood Radio & TV Institute membership card
  Hybridge TV kits
  Ray-Lectron coil kit
Feb 5 Archonian Club of Indianapolis TV demonstration
  1937 Harry Lubke TV set
  Delta, Colorado TV demonstration (1938)
  Sams PF Reporter 1951 CRT substitution Chard
  Window display for USTV T-530
Feb 3 Indianapolis Y.M.C.A. television station
  Indianapolis prewar TV demonstrations
Feb 1 Registration now open for the 2022 Early Television Convention
Jan 30 Sanabria demonstration at W. H. Block, and Indianapolis, Indiana State Fair
Jan 22 Purdue University picture synchronization method
Jan 20 Webster-Chicago "Slave" color converter
  Edinburg Inventor Takes Rap at Critics
  1968 NBI magazine article about East German experimental color studio
  Admiral C322C series brochure
  A Special Offer for RCA Employees - upgrade your 630-TS to 12 inch CRT
Jan 19 Surviving Early Color Set Database Summary updated: Admiral C322C series added
Jan 8 New acquisition: Diamond Power STV-4 vidicon camera
  New acquisition: Ampex CC-324 vidicon camera
Jan 6 Murphy A56V, Murphy A42V, GEC BT-3701, Pye 815 and 1939 Philips projection set advertisements
  More on East German PTT modified NTSC monitor
Jan 5, 2022 Surviving Early Color Set Database Summary updated: East German PTT modified NTSC monitor
  East German PTT modified NTSC monitor
  Summary of mechanical, early electronic, and color sets added 2005-2021
  Surviving Mechanical Set Database Summary updated: Western 41 and an unidentified set added
Dec 26 Ad for Burndept prewar set
  Jean Harlow with an unidentified mechanical set
Dec. 13 Goncam 1952 cameras
Dec. 10 Baird and the Farnsworth image dissector
Dec. 6 COARA Holiday Party
Dec. 5 Surviving early electronic set database summary updated: General Electric HM-171 added
Nov. 28 Lease a HMV 900
  Science and Media Museum article about Scophony - March 21, 2014
  Television Development Committee brochure
  Portland, Oregon's first TV set
Nov. 14 Set previously identified as Gilfillan G12 is actually a RCA TRK-120
Nov. 12 November online meeting of the Early Television Museum community. November 20 at 8:00 PM EST
Nov. 11 New acquisition: RCA TRK-120
  New acquisition: RCA 630PCS
  New acquisition: Norelco PA-2A
Oct. 5 Gallery of Unusual Postwar Sets and Kits
Oct. 3 DuMont RA-102-B3 Club 20
Oct. 1 Diamond Power Water Level Guages - George Lemaster
Sept. 30 Crosley 30 inch set
  DuMont Westminster
Sept. 9 Surviving Early Color Set Database Summary updated: RCA 21CT55 added
Sept. 4 September online meeting of the Early Television Museum community September 18 at 8:00 PM EST
August 31 Direct Pickup Camera Construction Manual (Courtesy of Richard Dean, added to Yanczer website by ETF)
August 25 Announcing the 2021 Sweepstakes. Tickets available here
August 24 Astoria, Oregon Cable Television
  August 23, 2021 Monthly Online meeting available now on YouTube
August 23 New acquisition: Stewart Warner 9100E
August 22 Luc Sirois is selling his extensive collection of mechanical, prewar and postwar TV sets.
August 8 August online meeting of the Early Television Museum community August 21 at 8:00 PM EST
  July meeting of the Early Television Museum community replay now on YouTube
July 28 ETF 2020 Federal Income Tax Return
July 12 Free TV sets at the Museum
July 10 July online meeting of the Early Television Museum community. July 24 at 8:00 PM EST
  Brisbane, Australia mechanical station 4CM
June 27 Bowers TV booster ad
June 26 June Monthly ETF Zoom meeting on YouTube
June 11 First Televsion in Canada
June 10 Sound and Sight Programs Combined in Single Cabinet
  First Television Show by WRNY Watched by 200
June 4 Correction: Matrix display made by Telefunken-Karolus rather than RCA
May 27 Fracarro mechanical kit set
  Surviving Mechanical Set Database Summary updated: Fracarro kit set added
  CKAC Montreal
  RCA matrix display
May 22 W9XK pictures
  S. U. I. to Broadcast More Detailed Pictures
  Jenkins Tries Out His "Aerial Eye"
May 14 Farnsworth 1939-40 Tour
  Surviving Early Color Set Database Summary updated: RCA 21CT55 added
May 10 Surviving Mechanical Set Database Summary updated: 60 line home made set added
May 6 W2XCP, Allwood, New Jersey
May 4 Television New Transmision Shown
  Color Television Expected to be Practical Soon
May 1 Dage mobile van in Louisiana
Apr 28 Scophony Commercial Transmitting and Receiving Equipment
  Mechanical station CKAC
Apr 27 YouTube replay of April Early Television Museum Community Zoom meeting
  60 Days USA article (day 37)
  Components of Proved Efficiency - Baird mirror-drum components
  Surviving Early Color Set Database Summary updated: Zenith 43M20 added
Apr 22 Eisenhour's TV, Goshen, OH
  "With Sight", Radio's New Cry - W9XAP article
  Sanabria "television torpedo plane"
  Corpus Christi, Texas television demonstration (1932)
  Mechanical TV in an airplane
  1928 Australian mechanical TV broadcast
Apr 16 Oklahoma Television Tour (1944)
  Automatic Television Camera to Guide Aerial Weapons
Apr 15 Television to Cross Atlantic Aim of Newest Marconi Tests
  Mirrors Make Color Television Possible - Bell Labs, 1929
Apr 14 1936 Farnwoth prototype test in San Francisco
  Preparing for Television in the West - 1950 BBC film
  Radiomarelli prewar sets
  Many Novelties at Exposition - Bakersfield Californian, Nov. 4, 1932
  Scophony Problems - 1937
  Portland Farnsworth Demonstration - newspaper articles
  Farnsworth portable tranmitter
  Birmingham, Alabama mechanical station (1932)
Apr 8 Prelimary list of sets in the June 5 silent auction.
Mar 30 RCA 8-PCS41 assembly line
  The recollections of William E. Keller.
  Picture of Gray Research Monitor with CBS camera
  Marshall Fields TV demonstration in Chicago (1939)
Mar 28 Ernest Patrick, boy inventor
Mar 26 TV in 1955 Cadillac
  Mechanical TV demonstration by WOKO Poughkeepsie, New York
Mar 25 General Electric mechanical TV DX
  Cincinnati, Ohio TV demonstration (Kolster Radio) (1939)
  Norman, Oklahoma TV demonstration (1939)
  March 20 Early Television Society Meeting YouTube replay
Mar 24 1952 dealer price list - DuMont Royal Sovereign
  TV Colorgard
Mar 23 More from Marshall Wozniak about who sold the first NTSC color set to the public
  Add-On Converter Turns Your B&W TV into a Color Set
  Promotional photo of Westinghouse H840CK15
  Radio Living-Room of Tomorrow - John Vassos
Mar 22 Philco color bar generator advertisement
Mar 20 RCA TV demonstration in Boston, Massachusetts (1939)
  Color Television for Theaters - 1947
Mar 19 Experimental W8XAV television transmitter antenna - 1928
  First Television Program Will Be on the Air Tonight in Chicago
Mar 18 Georgia Tech Graduate to Install First Television Station in Canada
  More information on W6XAO's first newscast
  Magic Viewing Screen at WJBF
  Sanabria large screen demonstraation at the Boston Store, Milwaukee
  Article about W1XAY
  South African Sets Television Record
  Packard Bell 1955 color set
Mar 14 Recollections of a CRT rebuilder
Mar 12 Richmond, Virginia Farnsworth TV demonstration (1940)
Mar 11 Portland, Oregon mechanical TV demonstration (1931)
  Wendell McMahill mechanical TV demonstrations (1930-1936)
Mar 9 6XF Los Angeles mechanical station
Mar 8 Announcing - June Swapmeet and Silent Auction
Mar 4 Philco 1939 TV demonstration in Pittsburgh
  Postwar TV DX
Mar 2 Mario Bel-Aire custom TV set
Mar 1 Newspaper articles about ATI mechanical TV phone
Feb 28 YouTube video about W3XWT in Washington, DC
Feb 26 TV demonstration in Fort Wayne, Indiana (Farnsworth) (1939)
  TV set in Fort Collins, Colorado (1939)
Feb 23 Outside Broadcasting Van, Olympic Games, Melbourne, 1956
  Meissner set in Oakland, CA
  Medical color TV in Australia
Feb 21 Scanning disk camera from W9XAP
Feb 19 Surviving Mechanical Set Database Summary updated: RCA 24 line scanning disk set added
Feb 13 Articles about Purdue Universty CRT set
Feb 10 TV auction in Oregon
Feb 7 1950 RCA 16 inch color prototype
Jan 24 Sanabria 3 screen set - 1961
Jan 22 Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph article about Zworykin CRT receiver
  W6TFS - amateur television station
Jan 21 Surviving Mechanical Set Database Summary updated: 2 homemade scanning disk sets added
Jan 20 Article about VE9AK Montreal
Jan 17 Wendell McMaHill's mechanical television demonstrations
Jan 16 More on W7XAO
Jan 15 Gypsy Road Trip article about the museum
  A Summary of Television Transmission and Reception Standards - 1933
Jan 12 Article about W5AGO in Fort Worth
  Article about Purdue Universty CRT set
Jan 11 Early TV Museum Picture Perfect, January 2021
Jan 10 W6XAO television broadcast to a plane
  V-E day celebration televised by NBC
  Race to Invent Video Courtesy of Phil Dudley
  How I Found the Oldest Videotape Courtesy of Phil Dudley
Jan 3 1960s RCA film on CRT manufacturing (courtesy of Jonathan LeBlanc)
Jan 2 Online Meeting of the Early Television Museum Community. January 16 at 8:00 PM EST. Zoom instructions are here.
Jan 1 Happy 2021!
  During 2020, 4 mechanical, 2 prewar and 18 early color sets were added to the databases
Dec 31 Ad for Admiral C1617A color set
  Video of French TV in 1935
  1956 BBC TV program describing the history of British TV broadcasting in the first 10 years after the war.
Dec 28 More on Who Sold the First NTSC Color Set
Dec 20 December Monthly Online Meeting YouTube replay
Dec 16 Airline portable ad
Dec 14 Press for Admiral bakelite cabinet
Dec 13 KTLA remote van - 1955
  Demonstration of Sanabria theater television at Eaton's Store in Winnepeg, Canada
  Radio Amateurs Will Try Television Sets
Dec 6 Transvision color TV kit
Dec 5 Surviving Early Color Set Database Summary updated: Motorola 21CT2 added
  BBC mechanical TV studio - 1934
Dec 4 Radio-Abteilung Tyrolia (Arnel) mechanical set
  Sentinel IU-816 brochure
Dec 2 December Online Meeting of the Early Television Museum Community
Nov 28 Hilliard Northwest News, November 14, 2001 article about the museum
Nov 23 You can watch a replay of the meeting here
  Western Junior Camera in German newspaper
Nov 19 Instructions for joining Saturday's Zoom meeting are here.
  German TV Using Bulb Arrays
Nov 18 Color Televisions Were All The Rage In The 60s. They Were Also Radioactive (Courtesy of Phil Dudley)
  The story behind the Masters’ first-ever color-TV broadcast (Courtesy of Phil Dudley)
Nov 15 Another Raytheon 15 inch color set
  RCA Model 5 on test bench
  Australian mechanical TV broadcasting
  Color photo of CT-100 components from May, 1954 RE magazine
Nov 14 Surviving Early Color Set Database Summary updated: RCA CTC-4 added
Nov 6 Announcing! The Early Television Foundation Society: Monthly online meetings
  Surviving Early Color Set Database Summary updated: Raytheon C-21C1-M added
Nov 4 KPTV Portland, Oregon remote van
Nov 1 DuMont RA-103 operating instructions
  Automatic color TV coil engineering samples
Oct 28 Richard Fernandez replica
Oct 22 More on RCA Experimental Flat CRT
Oct 14 1935 German television
  Dumont color test pattern
Oct 10 RCA RC-30 Monochrome CRT Characteristics, RCA RC-30 Color CRT Characteristics
  Surviving Mechanical Set Database Summary updated; Western 41 added
Sept 26 Kwik-Flip remote control
  Philco Predicta Tandem ad
  Philco color bar generator
Sept 21 Surviving Prewar Set Database Summary updated: RCA TT-5 added
  National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting
Sept 20

Surviving Early Color Set Database Summary updated: RCA Model 5 and Westinghouse H840CK15 added.

Sept 15 The 2020 Early Television Museum Sweepstakes Drawing is 15 Days Away! Buy your tickets for the for the 2020 Sweepstakes Here
  Third Annual Facebook Radio Group Pages Vintage Radio Show and Swapmeet
Sept 11 Monochrome and Color CRT interchangeability guides
Sept 10 TV set in limo
Sept 7 TKD mechanical television kit
  Surviving Mechanical Set Database Summary updated; TKD mechanical television kit added
Sept 6 TKD mechanical television kit - ORIGINAL (not replica) for sale
Aug 31 1982 resoration of GE HM-225 by Richard Brewster
  DuMont Multiscanner at Texas Museum of Broadcast and Communications
  Zenith Christmas dealer displays
  RCA TK-41 assembly line
  Cobbs Radio & Television - Portsmouth, NH
Aug 29 More on Gene Nicholson
Aug 24 Gene Nicholson, RCA television engineer
  W9XAL camera
Aug 23 Auction in Oregon featuring over 300 vintage TV sets and accessories, including Westinghouse H840CK15 - August 30.
Aug 19 TV set in a 1955 Cadillac
  TV set in a Rolls Royce
  1957 Motorola 21CT2M
  Philco 48-1001 in a drugstore
Aug 12 RCA and Transvision television demonstrators
  Western Television Visionette console at the California Historical Radio Society museum
Aug 11 Surviving Mechanical Set Database Summary updated. Baird Televisior and Western Television Visionette Console added.
Aug 9 Last chance to get 30% more sweepstakes tickets at no additional cost. Use Promo Code ETF.
July 20 Photo of Eurovision 819 to 405 line converter
July 17 More on W5XA Shreveport, LA
  More on W. E. Anthony
July 8 Surviving Early Color Set Database Summary updated: Raytheon 15 inch prototype added
July 2 The 2020 ETF Sweepstakes are Here!
June 28 KRSC Remote van
  TV sets in Los Angeles - 1945
  HRTI student from portugal
May 20 John Logie Baird and Baird Television Ltd. - from Peter Scott's site
  Dumont Duoscopic articles
  More on 3-D TV
May 19 More on KRSC
May 17 More on KRSC
May 8 Surviving Early Color Set Database Summary updated: Admiral C322C series added