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Ed Reitan's Color Television History

Color Line

Jan. 1, 1954 AT&T Color Network

On March 26, 1954, T. A. Smith, VP of RCA Engineering Products Division, presented a paper to RCA Receiving Set Licensees at Bloomington, Indiana. The paper, entitled "Station and Network Facilities for Color Television" showed a chart of the telephone circuits which could carry color as of January 1, 1954. He reported 26 stations in 20 cities were equipped and interconnected by January 1 on a transcontinental circuit for the New Year's Day broadcast of the Tournament of Roses. The chart shows 21 cities. Jack Gould in his Jan. 4 review of the Rose Parade mentions 22 cities. The topology of the West Coast to East Coast linkup was:

City primary link secondary link secondary link
Los Angeles Los Angeles to San Francisco - -
San Francisco San Francisco to Salt Lake City - -
Salt Lake City Salt Lake City to Denver - -
Denver Denver to Omaha - -
Omaha Omaha to Chicago Omaha to St. Paul [end] -
St. Paul [end] - -
Chicago Chicago to Detroit Chicago to Milwaukee [end] Chicago to St. Louis [end]
Milwaukee [end] - -
St. Louis [end] - -
Detroit Detroit to Toledo - -
Toledo Toledo to Cleveland - -
Cleveland Cleveland to Johnstown Cleveland to Cincinnati [end] -
Cincinnati [end] - -
Johnstown Johnstown to Philadelphia - -
Philadelphia Philadelphia to New York to Washington [end], to Baltimore [end] to Wilkesbarre [end]
Washington [end] - -
Baltimore [end] - -
Wilkesbarre [end] - -
New York New York to New Haven [end] - -
New Haven [end] - -

Color Line

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