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1959-60 CTC-9 Color Receivers

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Click on a cabinet to view an enlarged image of each model.

CTC-9 Dealer Catalog Sheets

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Jon Lopez supplied his original CTC-9 Color Receiver consumer brochure. It was used for the above collage and the original enlarged images.

The new improved enlarged images are now from original dealer product catalog sheets. The sheets were provided by Dan Gustafson. Don Kent did the PhotoShop editing.

Shortly after the introduction of the initial CTC-9 models documented in Jon Lopez's early consumer brochure, the "Anniversary" was announced to commemorate color television's fifth year. It resembled the "Winslow" model without the Winslow's metal speaker lattice. The "Winslow" and "Patterson" models were then discontinued.

The "Anniversary" is shown in Dan Gustafson's later dealer product sheets (accessible from the above collage). There is no sheet for the "Winslow".

Two additional mystery models are identified in the 1966 "RCA Field Service Guide for 1955-1966 RCA Color TV Receivers" (ERT-200) as having a CTC-9A,B chassis. These are the "Gibson" (211-CD-87C4 in genuine maple) and the "Darcy" (211-CD-875,6, or 7 - in mahogany, walnut or oak). However, the "211" prefix used in these model numbers corresponds to sets using the CTC-10 and CTC-11 chassis - and the "C" used in the "Gibson" model is inconsistent with any standard model numbering. It is not known if these two sets were some type of a mid-year bridge between CTC-9 and CTC-10 models. I would like to hear from anyone owning the "Gibson" or "Darcy" to confirm if the CTC-9 chassis was actually used in these models.

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Indication of Cabinet Finish in Model Number

An additional number was added to the end of the model numbers shown above to indicate finish type. These were:

  • "0" Genuine Dark Cherry or Autumn Cherry Veneers and Solids
  • "2" Ebony Finish
  • "4" Genuine Maple Veneers and Solids
  • "5" Mahogany Grained Finish, or Genuine Mahogany Veneers and Solids
  • "6" Walnut (Grained or Natural) Finish, or Genuine (Natural or French) Walnut Veneers and Solids
  • "7" Limed Oak Grained Finish, or Genuine Blonde Hardwood Veneers and Solids
  • "8" Genuine Bleached Birch Veneers and Solids
  • "9" Genuine Maple or Light Cherry Veneers and Solids
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