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Free Philco 48-1000. Never tried to use it. It would have to be picked up because it's too heavy to ship. I'd rather give it to a collector than throw it away. Located in NJ. Henry, aces1202 at gmail dot com (6/20/22)

Rare 1948 Farnsworth Capehart 10in TV Combo Model 501P. It is free, no cost. However, I am located in New Berlin, Wisconsin. I can email photos if attached is not viewable. Please contact me per my email address. Thank you. Bill, 262-782-2414 billradom at gmail dot com (6/14/22)



I have a "vintage" color TV (Sylvania GT Matic II color television console, manufactured in Batavia, NY, in August 1976, approximately 23 in. screen, wood cabinet; still powered up last time that I checked) that I would like to transfer to someone who would appreciate it. FYI - I reside near Rochester NY. Let me know if you're interested. Robert, zoomie at rochester dot rr dot com (5/21/22)


Free to good home: Philco 49-T1150 1949-12 inch. Located in MD. Roy, 301-440-2395 roy at kandpbuilders dot com (12/31/21)

70s? Nova beam Projection TV with large curved screen. Screen is in near-perfect condition. Stored in dry basement for the last 10 years. Cleaning basement for holidays. Worked fine when stored. Wife wants it gone.Asap, Located in Westland MI. John, paver_john at hotmail dot com (12/6/21)


FREE: ~1950s??? Stromberg-Carlson television in cabinet. Model plate information: 12110 5023_ Model 116-T. Will add atmosphere & style for anyone interested in retro. Maybe someone with know-how and expertise could repair it or harvest parts. We hope it will be of value, use, or appreciation for someone looking for just such an item! Located in OH. seam75725 at gmail dot com (6/24/21)


Free 1966 Sears 7165 19" tabletop color TV. Tuning knobs are missing, gets sound but picture is out of horizontal hold range. CRT is good, has back and bottom covers. Located in Upland, CA, about 35 miles east of Los Angeles. Need the space ASAP. It's too good to e-waste or let the alley scavengers have it for scrap, so hopefully someone here can rescue it. John, nipper45 at verizon dot net (6/9/21)

Zenith "Porthole" round picture tube TV chassis with bezel and power supply, but no cabinet. It has been stored indoors in dry conditions for the last 50 years. Physical condition-some dust, but no rust. Electrical condition-unknown. It has not been plugged in. Set can alternatively be picked up from Southern New Hampshire if desired. electron_builder-4 at yahoo dot com (5/10/21)


1987 RCA colortrak 2000. Model #GMR2758 27” picture with 2 8” oval speakers and a harvest pecan finish. Comes with original owners manual and remote control. Best of all it works! Located in OR. Sharon, Thomsharon at sbcglobal dot net (5/2/21)


My in-laws' estate has a Mitsubishi Big Screen Television Model WS-55411. Made in 2002 - the pinacle of analog television. 3 CRTs similar to projection TV.

Free to good home. Not working - nothing lights up - suspect power supply. PC boards are thru-hole - something you can work on. Near Des Moines, Iowa - Pick-up only.

We hate to see something like this end-up in a landfill. More info, questions, photos: Fritz Raab W1FR 515-272-2141 fraab at gmrr dot biz (4/26/21)