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Parts, Equipment, Other Items for Sale

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Tubes, CRTs and other parts for sale at the museum
Finding parts for old TV set restoration



Mint condition magnifier for a 1948 Pilot TV with Pilot logo. Paid $350 will sell for $200 plus shipping. Joe, 207-930-9698 grover750 at aol dot com(34/1/22)


I have dozens of early flybacks, yokes and other parts. Please inquire. Kurt, 727-743-2687 klofback at yahoo dot com (3/24/22)

Vintage sitcom set paddle operated light up applause sign. Works great!!! $1200 OBO. Susan, midniteir at hotmail dot com (2/24/22)

Assorted escutcheons for Motorola TV's of late 1960's early 70's. Never used. $15 shipped. Tom, car57chevy at comcast dot net (2/7/22)


Early Dumont RA-101, RA-102, RA-103, Crosley 9-407, and others, original type 5000 ohm plate circuit relay. Potter&Brumfield LB5. NOS, sealed in plastic, in original box. $25 including postage to lower 48. I have several available. Tim tmztv1 at gmail dot com (1/26/22)


I have a 5" TV in cabinet I have two Predictas, and 18" color. I have TV and radio equipment for sale, like tube testers , new tubes in boxes, new picture tubes in boxes, oscilloscope, Scott 30 tube radio in mahogney cabinet and much more. Located in IN. George, 574-256-5323 gjn11885 at gmail dot com (12/5/21)

Free standing tube (radio/TV/ham/music) tester machine. Working. Believed to be from the 60s/70s. Has cabinet door that locks with a key. Sliding drawers have different sizes of tubes. Located in the Chicago suburbs. Lora, 10e.poucher at sbcglobal dot net (9/11/21)


Chip Davis My Father-in-Law, who recently passed repaired TV's in the 50's and 60's. We found these parts and many more in his workshop along with testing equipment. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing these parts and several cigar boxes containing similar parts. Chip, cdavis at needhamma dot gov (7/1/21)




I acquired this TV / stereo console unit recently from a charity fundraiser at my church. I thought it may have some value for spare parts and am asking for a $30 donation to our cause and free delivery in the Columbus OH area. dehndot1 at hotmail dot com (4/26/21)



I have a Pilot TV cabinet and complete chassis. No picture tube. Selling for parts/restoration or separate parts available. Located in NJ. Tom, 201 232-0298 Tomcar2007 at hotmail dot com (3/14/21)

Restoration Parts

The museum has a good selection of restoration items, flybacks, yokes, black and white CRTs and color CRTs available to collectors

Vintage tv style reproduction wood knobs. 1940's style Transvision TV Knobs. Transvision 7” TV’s from 1946 – 1949. These are custom made by Big River Hardware, made from solid Black Walnut. The are sanded but unfinished. Sold in Sets of 7. Ben, 630-409-5117 bigriverware at gmail dot com (12/4/20)

We create custom reproduction Radio Knobs and other hard to find parts.Check us out at https://bigriverhardware.com/ (1/6/20)

Early Television Early Television

Reproduction Philco Predicta Networks for sale. For the following chassis: 9L37, 9L38, 9H25, 10L42/43, and 11L43.

9L37 - $40
9L38 - $40
9H25 - $43
10L42/43 - $40
11L43 - $38

For more information see: https://tvrestorerguy.com/


Mask for Motorola 7 inch sets

Early Television

Capacitorworld offers a full line of Premium quality Electrolytic and Film Capacitors with very aggressive pricing. $3 shipping, any size order for the lower 48. M-F 9-5. 848-448-8186, 5 Executive DR. Unit L. Toms River NJ 08755. capacitorworld1 at gmail dot com

Early Television

Online Components have over 350,000 parts in stock and are an authorized distributor for several manufacturers. http://www.onlinecomponents.com/

Jeff Weinberg  W8CQ has purchased the Peter Dahl Co., which makes custom replacement transformers for vintage electronic equipment. Harbach Electronics, LLC, 468 County Road 620, Polk, OH  44866-9711.

Reproduction TRK-12 rubber CRT masks, $100 a piece. Contact Barry Kasindorf, barry at barrykasindorf dot com 508-528- 0026
Retro-Tronics now makes replica backs for some TV sets: GE Model 803,  Philco Predicta Holiday,  Philco Predicta Holiday (Unprinted), RCA T-100, and  Stromberg Carlson TC-10. They will also make custom backs. Visit their website.
Replica pushbuttons are now available again for RCA TRK-5, 9/90, and 12/120 TV sets. Cost is $80 for a set, plus shipping. Go to the Renovated Radios site.
We have designed a simple modulator to be used with British 405 line TV sets. It can also be used with early electronic (AM sound) American sets. We ordered a number of printed circuit boards, and are making them available to anyone who needs one at my cost of $25 or 15 Pounds Sterling, including postage to the U.S. or Europe. More information or order online
Ed Dinning, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, (eddinning at boltblue dot com) will rewind power transformers, including high voltage (EHT) ones, and build replicas.
Pete has a Brand New 5AP4 in a sealed box from approx. 1940's and inquiring if any one is need of this CRT.  He has sold several of these tubes and all of the customers have been very happy with the brightness and clear focus of these 5AP4s.  They are an excellent replacement for the 5BP4 and are much brighter.  (201) 891-4899 or pdtrk120 at yahoo dot com
Bob Dobush (bobtheatre at aol dot com) has octal tube keyway replacements for sale. $1.25 each or ten for $10.00
John Horvath (Amptech Systems) has reproduction backs and HV cages for RCA 630TS, 8TS30, 721 and 621TS sets. He is also interested in knowing if anyone is looking for a DuMont RA-103 back?  He would like to know how much demand exists for them. amptechsys at earthlink dot net
PARTS-LINK is a group of professional repair parts specialists and electronic servicers' worldwide. Our objective is to support these individuals or organizations and increase efficiency by locating and inventorying parts to repair electronic or electrical appliances and equipment of various applications. All Service Techs & Parts Suppliers are welcome. 2 types of Pay Membership are available, but are not mandatory for participation