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Looking for a set of knobs for a Silvertone 911/9116. Anyone have a set? Benny, 918-378-2354 philco90@outlook.com (4/4/21)

I need one of the little white plastic color tv convergence magnets that slide in and out around the three poles of the convergence yolk, early RCA CTC7's etc some zeniths or Philco's have them. Thx! Bob, GTA351C at sbcglobal dot net (3/29/21)

Wanted: Rubber Mask for Hallicrafters 7 inch TV. It's a 505, but other color is acceptable. This is for a far from perfect set, therefore, fair condition and low price are preferred. Warren, 978-692-2862 wchamberland50 at yahoo dot com (3/5/21)
Hello I am looking for a 7JP4. Is there one out there? I'd like to ffind one in Oklahoma to save on shipping. Benny, 918-378-2354 philco90 at outlook dot com (2/28/21)
Hello I am looking for the knobs for a Silvertone model 9116. Is there any one that can help? Benny, 918-378-2354 philco90 at outlook dot com (2/28/21)
Looking to buy a set of vertical output transformers for Zenith B&W early sets
Chassis 21L21 and 22L20

Zenith Part No. 95-1361 or Stancor A-8148 and Zenith No. 95-1352 or Stancor A-8146

Please reply to
stevekuznetsov at yahoo dot com.
cell 978-763-5577 8 am to 6 pm EST

I need a deflection yoke for a 1953 Zenith B&W TV Chassis 21L21. The original deflection yoke is Zenith part No. 95-1358 or
RCA 211D2, or
Triad Y-17, or
Merit MDC-72
Or Stancor DY-9A.

I also need a deflection yoke for a Zenith Chassis 22L20 which is Zenith Part 95-1359.
The alternate yoke is Merit MDF-90 or RCA 219D1.

New old stock is preferred but good condition used is acceptable. Thanks SteveKuznetsov at yahoo dot com (11/16/20)

I just acquired an RCA CTC 11 color TV. I am in need of a “Roundie” CRT 21FJP22. Socket was broken and discharged vacuum. May travel . I am in Texas. Mike, 903-275-8610 tech_36_2000@yahoo.com (10/28/20)


RCA 9-T-246 or T-100 (1949-50). Cabinet Parts Needed:

Front Glass Overlay (In front of CRT)
Upper Glass Holder
Channel Number Indicator

Will buy a the whole cabinet if need be.

Kirk, 860-202-4885, KStanki at aol dot com (8/24/20)

Wanted: Cabinet trim part for 1962-1964 RCA Victor Mark 8 Console Color TV cabinet trim reflector "COLOR" badge. It is the separate badge on the lower left portion of the front trim/bezel panel adjacent to the "RCA Victor" badge. Dave, mpdude005 at yahoo dot .com (8/8/20)

I am looking to purchase the face mask frame for a Philco Seventeener II. I believe the plastic or glass screen is part of the frame.

I have attached a couple of photos. It needs to be in good condition, and the same color as shown. Will take a parts set if available as long as the face mask is in good condition. Will need shipping as well. Bob, r.crockett at att dot net (6/22/20)


I'm looking for either a NOS 23MP4 or 23WP4 or a rather strong used one. Dallas, countryboydb1957 at gmail dot com (6/9/20)
Wanted: Flyback for Philco TV-123 Color set, part number 32-8716 or spare chassis. At one time Philco offered an upgrade kit that may have included a revised flyback but I do not have a part number. shore72 at yahoo dot com
Wanted: A tuner for Admiral TV model 20XP5CZ. The tuner p/n is 94D46-3. The year of TV manufacture is 1955. Sams photofact # A-291-2. Maybe a equivalent, * Video carrier is 25.75mHz. Thanks. Rosario, arvin547 at yahoo dot com dot br (3/12/20)
Complete Speaker assembly needed for Crosley Model 59. Martin wolfmoma at q dot com (2/12/20)

I’m looking for a pair of vertical output transformers at a 5:1 ratio. Will buy four if available.

26S70 5:1 preferred
26S75 5:1-50:1 universal

A-2820 5:1 preferred
A-2815 5:1-50:1 universal

VO-109 5:1-50:1 universal

Z-1900 5:1-50:1 universal

Will buy other manufactures but these are the only part #s I have so far.
Just need matching pairs.

Rob, Robert.grant atdurhamcollege dot .ca robert.grant at durhamcollege dot ca (1/22/20)

Wanted - Zenith Porthole "Power supply chassis" for 1949 Television 28T925. Easy Identification - Has 2 5U4 tubes.Will purchase complete tv if you have one - portable or console model. Jack 864-593-8321 JSOUTH1954 at AOL dot COM (1/6/20)

I'm looking for some NOS or used Pyramid TM 58 series electrolytic capacitors, good or bad condition.

TMS-58, part # TM-50-450, 50uf, 450 volt Diameter 1", length 3"
TMD-58, part # TM8040-450, 80uf, 40uf, 450 volt Diameter 1 3/8", length 3 1/2"

Aluminum containers.
Will buy as many as I can get.

Thank you. Rob Grant 905-430-9221 robert.grant@durhamcollege.ca (1/6/20)