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Postwar Black and White TV Sets for Sale

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Looking for interested parties to buy 2 RCA, VICTOR TVv consoles. One is TV/phono cabinet and other is just TV. Not sure of years, both not working. Pickup only in south Jersey. Please ask for more pictures by size of unit. Gary, Muddhorn at gmail dot com (12/17/21)


For Sale. Located in OH. Monica, Monicaselocksiddle at gmail dot com (12/12/21)

1958 Imperial Admiral TV 330 set. Mint, works perfect. Asking $1500. Located in MI. Don, 810-875-1254 Jcmatthews40 at gmail dot com (12/10/21)

I have a 5" TV in cabinet. I have two Predictas, and 18" color. I have TV and radio equipment for sale, like tube testers , new tubes in boxes, new picture tubes in boxes, oscilloscope, Scott 30 tube radio in mahogney cabinet and much more. Located in IN. George, 574-256-5323 gjn11885 at gmail dot com (12/5/21)

Conrac AV-12E television A/V receiver, rack mount, with SU-213 tuning model for channels 2 thru 13. No display: audio and video output only. Decent physical condition, but not working. Located in Georgia, zip 30047. Free for the shipping cost. Weighs about 20-25 pounds. Manual visible at http://theoldcatvequipmentmuseum.org/140/142/1423/. Mark, aj2x at comcast dot net (11/29/21)

I have 2 GREAT 1948 PILOT TVs Totally rebuilt and working 450 each plus shipping. Located in ME. Joe, 207-930-9698 grover750 at aol dot com (11/13/21)

Hi my name is Paul, Olympic TV with turntable. Located in MA. Paul, 774-240-0389 1.azoreanfisherman at gmail dot com (11/11/21)


Hi, I am selling my 1950 Muntz tv. It is 16 inch picture tube that has been replaced with a NOS picture tube. It has been electronically restored. Replaced all wax capacitors and out of tolerance resistors. Also all receiving tubes have been replaced with NOS tubes.(tested tubes, no shorts, no leaks, really good emissions). it is missing the channel knob though. Asking 200 for it, but willing to hear fair offers. Located in Broad Run, VA. Matthew. matthew94919 at gmail dot com (10/30/21)


I have a 1947 Dumont Club 20 TV and am inviting offers for sale. Located in MA. 617-347-0178 susandamiano at msn dot com (10/13/21)

I think this is a 1953? Motorola TV set. It was my grandparents and I want to sell it. Make me an offer. Located in TN. Randy, 815-210-3914 rkcello at gmail dot com (9/20/21)


I have an extremely rare late 40s-early 50s beautiful blonde mahogany Majestic console TV/Radio/Phono for sale. The dimensions are 39 inches tall, 40 3/4 inches wide, and 24 inches deep. Radio lights up and works when plugged into antenna. Make me an offer at my email address which is underwoodabstracting at gmail dot com or cell 318-sevin nine one six zero one nine. David, located in LA. (9/15/21)


This is a 1950'S DUMONT TV: MODEL# RA-112-A-3, and it looks like the FM radio turns on, but we haven’t been able to tune it to a particular station. We don’t think the TV and phono work. Perfect for antiques collectors or hobbyists. Located in NY. Sandra, 323-393-3123 sandra.cheng@gmail.com (9/6/21)


1953 Emerson TV Mahogany cabinet. Intact. You are paying for shipping. Taking private bids via email. Located in MI. Barb, 906-430-7544 barbidoll8688 at aol dot com (7/25/21)


Old TVs that I have and would like to sell. If someone would like to buy please make a fair offer. Located in NC. Donald, 252-209-1643 donaldsumner154 at yahoo dot com (7/9/21)


1949 GE TV set for sale. Chip, cdavis at needhamma dot gov (7/1/21)


I have a post war GE model 901 RV, am/fm radio phonograph in very good condition and ready for sale. This item will have to be picked up by the buyer and the asking price is $450. Please email your interest—thank you! Located in NY. BetteAnn, Cns1342 at gmail dot com (7/1/21)


RCA TV from 1950's Approximately 20" diagonal. Don't know model number. Number stamped in metal of chassis: B9284288. Rubber stamped numbers on chassis: KC997, SQ4L2 (?), and RVB 274. Kinescope: 21AMP4A

It has been stored indoors in dry conditions. Physical condition-dusty. Set worked when last tried 12 years ago. For restoration or parts. Price $20.00. Located in NY. electron_builder-4 at yahoo dot com (6/15/21)

1959 Philco space age TV. Located in IN. Brent, Doorguy1980 at gmail dot com (6/4/21)

1958 Truetone Portable black white television. One of a kind on internet and it turns ON. Original pátina. Metal case very rare. Missing speaker only. Asking $2000.Located in TX. Antonio, 915-706-9682 tonicrios25 at gmail dot com (5/31/21)


I acquired this TV / stereo console unit recently from a charity fundraiser at my church. I thought it may have some value for spare parts and am asking for a $30 donation to our cause and free delivery in the Columbus OH area. dehndot1 at hotmail dot com (4/26/21)


Montgomery Wards Airline 94 GSE 3018. In great (not perfect) but near perfect condition. Been sitting in a closet untouched since the late ‘50s - early ‘60s. I’m told by old owner it worked when put away. I was told “do not turn it on”. She’s a little dusty but looks complete. Taking offers. Can supply more photos if wanted. Located in MI. Mark, mbrownereo at gmail dot com (3/28/21)


RCA Victor 10 inch TV. Apx 1949. $350. Located in NJ. Tom, 201 232-0298 Tomcar2007 at hotmail dot comTomcar2007@hotmail.com (3/17/21)


This is a very beautiful RCA Victor TV from apx 1950. It is encased a a beautiful wood cabinet which is in excellent condition. I have not attempted to turn the tv on. $950. Located in NJ. Tom, 201 232-0298 Tomcar2007 at hotmail dot comTomcar2007@hotmail.com (3/17/21)


1964 Admiral portable TV. Good cosmetic condition. $125. Located in NJ. Tom, 201 232-0298 Tomcar2007 at hotmail dot comTomcar2007@hotmail.com (3/15/21)


I have a Pilot TV cabinet and complete chassis. No picture tube. Selling for parts/restoration or separate parts available. Located in NJ. Tom, 201 232-0298 Tomcar2007 at hotmail dot comTomcar2007@hotmail.com (3/14/21)



T.V Grundig model perfect 2300 inch 24, 1968. Made in Germany. Located in Athens, Greece. Dimitrios, d-lekkas at otenet dot gr (12/18/20)

I'm 64 years old and I remember watching cartoons on this RCA Victor tv when I was 4 years old. I imagine it's from the late 40's or early fifties. Turns on to snow screen, missing the speaker. Located in NY. Steve, 716-622-4535 stempien at roadrunner dot com (12/17/20)

I have 3 Old TV's for potential sale. I have 2 RCA TV's from two different decades and 1 JVC Videosphere - Astronaut Helmet. Please see attached photo and let me know if there is any interest. Located in NY. Michael, 917-686-3331 mrmike1876 at gmail dot com (12/7/20)

Motorola 14T3 TV. Very good condition. May still work, I don't know if it does or not - Best Offer for sale. Located in WI. Linda, 262-506-8718 grpr69 at yahoo dot com (11/9/20)


1948 Firestone black and white TV set. Fair condition. $199. Located in WV. Holly, Suturenow at hotmail dot com (10/21/20)



I have an old 1949 Emerson 7 inch table top wood Television Set. The tag on the back says it is a model 639. This early TV set in complete and original. The only damage is flakey black lacquer paint on face The mahogany veneer is in great condition. I did not plug this TV in or try to turn it on. The electric cord looks just fine but I’d rather not test the set.The knobs are all in working order. Not certain if this is in working order or not. I am also unsure of Shipping fees. It weighs about 15 pounds. I will ship in the US only. My zip code is 03237 in NH. Warren, 603-290-2009 warren9638@gmail.com (10/13/20)


Nice condition but missing rear panel. Appears to be mostly intact but missing side tuning knob. Paint and finish are in good condition. Asking $200. Located in MD. Mark, Luthercompanies at gmail dot com (9/7/20)


1948 RCA Projection TV. Model 8PCS41. Worked in the 1990's. Been in storage since. Would like to keep it out of a landfill, make offer. Located in WA. John, johnbartlow at hotmail dot com (7/13/20)


Early PHILIPS tv from 1949. Called HONDENHOK in Dutch. Type TX400U-01 nr 31218,

This is the first TV set to be sold in Holland, and the first 625 line set anywhere. It has a 9 inch picture tube and was introduced in 1949. The set has a 4 channel tuner. This was modified for the Belgium TV channels which had a different nr of lines (825 ??). Located in Mierlo, the Netherlands. Ad, brouwersmierlo at gmail dot com (7/13/20)


Admiral 12x11. Make offer. Located in MI. Bob, 616-293-8141 Bpjr502 at yahoo dot com (7/3/20)