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Black and White TV Sets Wanted

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Hello, I am looking for a Tele-tone TV-170 or maybe even a TV-149 chassis. I do not need the CRT. Benny, 918-378-2354 philco90 at outlook dot com (12/5/21)
Dumont RA 113 Revere. Needs not to work or refurbished. Original in and out. Will clean the cobwebs and dust. Want in good condition. Thanks. Abe, klugeask at gmail dot com (3/2/21)

I would like to buy any TVs older than 1965, I will not be reselling or any shady stuff like that. I am just getting a collection started and I would like a few TVs to work with. I am already proficient with radio repair and I am looking to get into TVs. If anyone that lives reasonably close by that has anything that they would not mind selling I would greatly appreciate it. As for TVs wanted I don’t mind if it’s black or white or colour and I don’t mind if it’s not working, just some TVs to get me started in this very interesting field of hobby. Thanks for your consideration, Located in Langley, B.C, Canada. Joshua, 778-809-9710 Reditall27 at gmail dot com (2/2/21)



WANTED: A complete DuMont Westminister II set from 1950, including the tape recorder. Fredric, fmlondon at gmail dot com (9/10/20)


Wanted: 1970s TV sets. To be shipped to Chennai,Tamilnadu, India. Naveen, 979-084-6901 naveenblaze99 at gmail dot com (8/8/20)
Looking for a National Model TV-7 or 7W. Thanks, Mark. foltarz at rocketmail dot com (7/30/20)

Wanted 1955 Zenith Royal floor model sets that used a remote control. Bruce, 510-784-1111 bruce at bellplastics dot com (4/11/20)