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Early Television in Italy

Andy Emmerson wrote an article titled Early Television in Italy several years ago. At the end of the article he posed several questions. Antonio Lari, the historical consultant of the Museum Radio and Television (RAI) in Italy provided answers:

1 When did television transmissions from the Rome station finish? The evidence is that this was some time after October 1939 ?

2 According to a book written in 1951, the transmitter in Rome was dismantled by the Germans at the end of 1943, after Italy surrendered to the Allies on Sept. 8 ?

3 Did the television station at Milan (Torre del Parco Nord) actually go on the air. ? What are the dates ?

In this connection I am to answer:

1 Confirm that the tests were completed in Rome in 1939.

2 Confirm that the transmitter of Rome was dismantled by the Germans after September 8, however, remained a large part of the network only for the radio (EIAR).

3 Television station from Milan (North Tower Park) called TOWER LITTORIA began its tests of television in 1936. In 1952 it was used as a repeater for the provisional new television. After 1952 (the Torre Parco Nord or ex TORRE LITTORIA), was not then being used as a repeater. The broadcasts official departed from the RAI studios Corso Sempione, and then connect to the new repeaters located in the rest of Lombardy. Today it no longer has any function on television.