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Donations of Equipment and Other Items

The museum accepts donations of equipment, and your contribution may be tax deductible since we are a 501 c 3 non-profit foundation. If you have an item to donate, you can print out this form, fill it out, and bring it with you with the equipment.

The following have generously made donations of equipment and other items to the foundation. We greatly appreciate their contribution to the preservation of early television history.

2022 Donations

Paul Garbarczyk Burbank. IL Progress Report on NBC Color Television - 1955
Jerry Spielvogel Moraga, CA RCA TRK-5 TV set
Al Heiden Phoenix, AZ Dage 410-A schematic
Susan Tallman Des Plaines, IL Motorola TS-228 TV set
Tim Coyle Newport, New South Wales, Australia Restored Motorola VT-105 TV set
Matt D'Asaro Seattle, WA PDF of 1954 RCA film strips
Sean Montgomery Bethesda, MD Westinghouse H840CK15 Color TV set
Norman Weimer New Madison, OH Zenith H2438R TV set, RCA WR99A Marker generator, RCA WR69A Sweep Generator, Precision 1940 model tube tester, VOM volt and ohm meter, misc. parts.
John Folsom Palm Bay, FL Sears Silvertone 7270 prewar TV set
George Lemaster Falls Church, VA Bendix photos
Jay Ballard Middleton, MA 5U4 B+ booster
Mike Manlee Saint Louis, MO NOS 5BP4 and 5FP4
Paul Garbarczyk Burbank, IL Progress Report on NBC Color Television 1955
William H. Miller St.Louis, MO Philco A-T1856 TV set
Gerry Diaz   Motorola VT-71 TV set
R. Scott Duncan Westerville, OH Magnavox MV103H TV set
Jerome Dare Columbus, OH Mitsubishi MGA TV set
David Minderman Westlake, OH Test equipment, recorder
David Lilley Columbus, OH RCA 14-7063 TV set
Howard Katz Chandler, AZ

Diamond Power STV-4 and Ampex CC-324 vidicon cameras

2021 Donations

McLaurin Smith Memphis, TN RCA 5820 and 5655 image orthicons
Jim Buckle Columbus, OH GE 7-7150A portable TV set
Stephen DeVillez Evansville, IN Zenith K188R TV/radio/phono
Alan Block Dublin, OH JVC HR3300 VCR, JVC sound level meter, JVC P110A TV set, Sony Watchman TV, books
Estate of Gary Miller Tribuca, CA RCA TRK-120, RCA 630PCS, RCA 648PTK, Norelco PA-2A
Blake Hinkle Ashtabula, OH 17BP4 CRT, oscilloscope CRT
Gerald Carlson II Peewaukee, WI 6 CRTs, yokes, flybacks
Billy Stratus Youngstown, OH RCA 1966 color TV set, Zenith 1986 color TV set
Tony Spencer Hilliard, OH Carmex slide viewer, 6 Setchel Carlson 14M93B 14 inch monitors
Ann Krieger Pickerington, OH Philco 51-T-1870 TV set, Admiral 12X12 TV set, Motorola 10 inch table model TV set, Knight radio/phono, AM/FM radio
Doug Radman Upper Arlington, OH Stewart Warner 9100E TV set
Victor Seidel Needham, MA DuMont RA-103 "Doghouse" TV set
Alan Lyster Asbury Park, NJ RCA 232C524 TV Set
Dana Lee Drum Columbus, OH Hitachi AC and Battery 5" TV set, J. C. Penney 3" AC and Battery TV Set.
Joyia Sibley Columbus, OH 1987 or 1988 Citizen portable Color TV set
John Pesuit Oberlin, OH JVC CX-610-US 5 inch NTSC TV set
Jim Manning Washington, DC DuMont RA-103 "Doghouse" TV set with matching table and spare eye tubes
Kathleen Weaver Apex, NC Misc. TV texts, manuals and catalogs
Dana Lee Drum Columbus, OH Sony Watchman, TI-STN mini TV
Trish Bailey San Francisco, CA 2 boxes of Sams Photofacts
Stephen Silcox Northfield, MN Philco 50T-1403
Judy Czarnecki Columbus, OH Eico tube tester and adaptor, 7 vacuum tubes, Admiral bakelite radio
Sam Hughes Manchester, CT 5 RCA flyback transformers
Barbara Smith Lancaster, OH RCA 21-D-379 TV set
Bob Bruckmeier Hawk Point, MO Silvertone 110-700 TV set
Margret Reitan Omaha, NE RCA TK-30 turret and lenses
Tom Christovich Baltimore, MD RCA reference books, Practical Color Television, Broadcast News - Color Edition, RCA Microwave relay manuals, Philips color camera information, English Electric camera tube service data, RCA 5820 data sheet, RCA 630 and CT-100 service manuals, TV camera tube data sheets
Jody Everett Austin, TX RCA Book – Television Service Clinic
Jim Dedula Columbus, OH 1950 Admiral TV set
Craig & Becky Strafford New Vienna, OH 3 radios, speaker, 2 turntables

2020 Donations

Paul & Elizabeth Klopfer Columbus, OH Silvertone 9116 7 inch TV set
Dave Lindbloom Ft. Wayne, IN Heathkit color TV set, RCA 8-T-243 TV set, Zenith B412H TV set, Eico signal generator, tube tester, box of vacuum tubes.
Linda Miller   Philco 48-1475 TV/Radio/Phono, Zenith A181 TV set with remote
Tom Hatas Toledo, OH Tele-Tone TV-149 TV set, RCA 8-T-241 TV set, RCA 20" console TV set, 4 boxes vacuum tubes, RCA color generator, Rotors & boxes, 2 - Motorola 14" TV sets, Heathkit CRT tester, Beltron CRT tester, 300 ohm antenna items, Zenith flat CRT portable TV set, 5 oscilloscopes, Sony tiny TV set              
George Steele Columbus, OH GE portable TV set
Mark Gebhart Columbus, OH Philco 50-T-1404 TV set with stand
Jay Ballard Middleton, MA

Operating panel for GE Iconoscope camera

Mel Wunder Lewisburg, PA 75 vacuum tubes
Frank Soos Vermillion, OH Fada 1949 TV set, RCA 1957 color TV set
Douglas Magilvy   Sony VTR, Sony color monitor
Mark Albert Algonquin, IL Sony VTR, control panel. Private Eye cross pulse monitor
Sean Cogan Butler, PA Col-R-Tel color adaptor
Clarke Ingram Baldwin, PA DuMont RA-103
Ted Killiam Guilford, CT 2 early teleprompters
Robert Doerr St. Clair Shores, MI

Dage 600A monitor

Donations in past years