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Morton Tuller

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Howard Tuller, son of Morton Tuller, sent us this:

My father, Morton Tuller, was an extranodinary man who led a very interesting life.

I won't go into all the details, but...After he finished serving in World War Two (10 battle stars!) he returned to Chicago and started in Television at WBKB in 1946. He did many things for the station including writing, producing and being the on-air talent. In addition, he was in charge of gathering quantative information about this new medium - television. For example, how many sets were in the Chicago area, etc. You'll find papers showing the breakdown when there were only 200 receivers in the entire city [see below for these documents].

He and my mother moved to LA in 1949 to see if he could transistion to television on the west coast. And though he had a promising career in Chicago, he had no real contacts in LA and eventually moved to Tucson to be close to my mother's family. They did find success here later when then opened Tuller Trophy & Awards. I'm proud to say our family business is about to begin its 63rd year. Mort passed away in 2013.

Among Mort's papers are many television show scripts from the early days of television at WBKB. In addition, there are documents relating to Mort's audience analysis.

Television show scripts from 1944 and 1945
Television show scripts from 1946
Audience surveys
Other WBKB documents

(additional documents to be scanned soon)