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Early Television

This set was made in 1930 by engineer J. Alphonse Ouimet, later to become President of the CBC. This set is in the collection of the Canadian Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa, Canada. Here is a story about Ouimet and information about CKAC, the first TV station in Canada.

Here is information provided by the Canada Science and Technology Museum:

Artifact #   : 691044

Article: Television set

Type          : Black & White / Table / 10" / Disk / 60 lines/picture

Model         : Ouimet

Manufacturer  : Canadian Television Ltd.

Address #     : Montreal, Quebec

Year  : c 1932

History : Alphonse Ouimet, built this set in 1932 after joining the VE9EC station, the first television station in Canada owned by the CKAC radio station and the journal La Press; Ouimet later became the president of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  The set was based on the design of John Logie Baird. It employed the Nipkow disc that rotates at exactly the same speed as the camera disc. The light bulb behind the disc is controlled by a light detector in the camera. Between the disc and the screen is a small mirror at 45 degrees which reflects the light on the screen. This set, donated by the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, is now on display at the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

Materials: Wood, ferrous metal, glass, bakelite, cloth, polymeric resin

Decoration:  Vertical & horizontal black bars beside & below screen, black trim around screen

Finish: Wood case stained & varnished; dark brown knobs

Dimensions: 24'h. x 18 ½ d. x 17 ¾ w. , screen area: 6 ¾" h. x 7¼ " w.