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Early Television
Early Television
Early Television
Early Television Early Television

Early Electronic Television

Pye 815

Early Television

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Screen Size 9 inch
Year Made 1938
Quantity Manufactured ?
Original Cost 30 Gns
Number Still in Existence See Early Electronic Database
Cabinet Original Finish
Chassis Not Restored


Opeating instructions
Advertising literature
Technical information

This set has a 9 inch picture tube, and was made in 1938.. It came with the factory service manual, operating instructions, and warranty card.

Here is the story of the set, from Steve Harris: 

It was bought new by the owner of a shop in Buckinghamshire, who had gone from bicycles to cars and later radio and wanted to be in at the start of television. Apparently it was the first TV in the county and as they were right on the edge of Alexandra Palace signal area they had a big mast on the roof of the shop. The owner kept it until the shop was sold (I think after his death) and the man I bought it from had rescued it from being thrown away when the shop was cleared out. Unfortunately a week ago (while the set was on it's way to you) I had a letter from his wife to say he had died suddenly in the night. I was sorry to hear that, he was a nice man and although in his 70s and unwell was still actively interested in radio and TV.

Early Television