Early Television
Early Television
Early Television
Early Television
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Early Electronic Television

RGD 382-RG Valve List

Television: Single channel superhetrodyne. 45.0 mHz video, 41.5 mHz audio. 12 inch CRT (Mazda CRM-121) triode. Magnetic focus and deflection, approx. 50 degrees. Original  CRT was electrostatic.

Radio: Short wave band 1 (16.5-50 meters), short wave band 2 (49-150 meters), medium wave band (195-550 meters) and long wave band (800-2000 meters).

Phonograph: 78 rpm changer.


Function Quan. Type Notes


RF Chassis

RF amplifier 1 SP41 41.5 -45 mHz
Mixer 1 SP41
Oscillator 1 P41 35 mHz 
Video IF amplifier 3 SP41 7.5-10 mHz
Video detector 1 D1
Video amplifier 1 SP42
Audio IF 1 SP41 6.5 mHz
Audio detector/amplifier 1 ML42DD
Audio output 1 PEN45


Time Base Chassis
Sync separator 1 SP41
Vertical (frame) sync amplifier 1 SP42
Horizontal (line) oscillator 1 T41 Gas thyratron
Horizontal (line) output 1 PEN46
Vertical (frame) oscillator 1 T41 Gas thyratron
Vertical (frame) output 1 PEN45


Power Supply Chassis
Rectifier 1 45/IU B+ for RF chassis
Rectifier 1 UU5 B+ for Time Base chassis
HV (EHT) rectifier 1 HVR2A 5000 VDC


Radio Chassis
RF amplifier 1 VP41
Oscillator/mixer (frequency changer) 1 AC/TH1
IF amplifier 1 VP41
AVC/audio amplifier 1 HL41DD
Detector 1 DD41
Audio phase inverter 1 HL41
Tuning eye 1 TV4A


Radio PS/Output Chassis
Rectifier (HT) 1 UU5
Audio Output 2 PX4