Early Television
Early Television
Early Television
Early Television
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Early Broadcast Stations

TVX Broadcasting

WTVZ, Channel 33 – Hampton Roads
WJTM, Channel 45 – Winston-Salem
WRLH, Channel 35 – Richmond
WMKW, Channel 30 – Memphis
WCAY, Channel 30 – Nashville
WLFL, Channel 22 – Raleigh-Durham
WNOL, Channel 38 – New Orleans
KRRT, Channel 35 – Kerrville – San Antonio
KJTM, Channel 38 – Pine Bluff-Little Rock
WNYB, Channel 49 – Buffalo
WTAF, Channel 29, Philadelphia
WCIX, Channel 6, Miami
WDCA, Channel 20, Washington, D.C.
KTXA, Channel 21, Dallas-Fort Worth
KTXH, Channel 20, Houston

James Seaman was the Director of Engineering, Senior Vice President (Project Manager) for TVX Broadcasting from 1978 to 1990. This was the entire period of the existence of TVX which was a publicly held company on NASDAQ.  TVX brought on new TV Stations in Norfolk, VA, Winston-Salem, NC, Richmond, VA, Memphis, TN,  Nashville, TN, Raleigh-Durham, NC, San Antonio, TX, Little Rock, AR, and Buffalo, NY.  They also owned stations in New Orleans, LA, Miami, Fl, Philadelphia, PA, Washington D.C., Dallas/Fort Worth, and Houston, TX.  At one time they were the largest television station holding company in the nation and hold the record for the most new stations commissioned.

James has written a summary of the history of these stations, from an engineering/construction perspective