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Early Electronic Television

Andrea 1-F-5

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Screen Size 5 inch
Year Made 1939
Quantity Manufactured ?
Original Cost $189.50
Number Still in Existence See Pre-1945 Database
Cabinet Original Finish
Chassis Restored


Ooperating manual,
Advertising literature
Alternate cabinet
Magazine articles
How to Get Bigger and Better Images
Technical information
The story of how this set was acquired

This set was made in 1939 by the Andrea Radio Corp. It was also available in a kit form. A 1939 sales brochure for the set listed the price at $189.50. However, by April of 1940 the price had been reduced to $137.50. 

This set has 4 holes on the top for mounting a magnfying lens. We have acquired one of the lenses, which sold for $18 in 1940. It is the only one we know of. The brackets we made mate with these holes and two mounting holes on the back of the lens.