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Tubes, CRTs and other parts for sale at the museum
Finding parts for old TV set restoration


Portable TV Television Repairman Tube Carrying Box/Kit. Wood, Mirror on the inside top lid. The original owner / repairman "name" label on the top. Opens for the front and back as well as the top. 60+ years old. Measures approx 16" wide x 11" deep x 15" high.
Please make an offer. This was my dad's. Located in OH. Barb albertbarb9@gmail.com (2/27/20)


For Sale: Power Supply/Amplifier for an RCA Berkshire Television. $200 plus shipping. I have the tuner chassis available also. Someone should need these parts for their restoration. James, 405-755-4139 jrcradio@cox.net (1/22/20)


I have a 1949 RCA 9TC275 12' picture crt with yoke and metal stands. good shape. Located in CA, Scott, 424-200-7212 musicbizz222 at yahoo dot com (11/30/19)
For Sale: 5AP4 CRT. I connected the RCA 5AP4 to the back of my Andrea pre-war TV which also uses a 5AP4. The brightness control was set at about 50%. You will notice a light brown ion burn. This is common with pre-war CRTs. Most pre-war CRT develop an ion burn since this was before ion traps or aluminized phosphor. I am asking $400 plus shipping. email me a wabare at cfl dot rr dot com. (3/25/19)

For Sale: 9AP4 CRT. I purchased this RCA CRT several years ago from a TV collector. I had planned to buy a RCA TRK9 pre-war TV but it never happened. This is a difficult picture tube to locate. See attached picture. Note: CRT Testers are not set up to test a pre-war CRT with a 2.5V filaments.  I had to use clip leads and set the CRT tester to a voltage that would supply 2.5VAC to the tube. See DVM reading. This demonstrates that it is a strong tube. I am asking $900 plus shipping. email me a wabare at cfl dot rr dot com. (3/25/19)


Here is a list of B&W tubes we have for sale. Jim, 570-286-6707 jim at moyerelectronics dot com 2/28/19
I have TV test equipment & extra picture tubes, yokes . etc. that I want to sell to anyone that can give them a good home and make useful again. Contact me for more info and pictures. Price will be very reasonable, but you must be able to pick up within the next 30 to 40 days. They are located in Wantagh, NY 11793. Bill, 718-974-5485, news11793 at gmail dot com (3/14/19)
I have approximately 300 B&W and color TV tubes for sale. They are mostly 7 and 9 pin miniature, but there are some octals. About 100 of them are boxed, some appear to be new, others are used. About 200 of them are used in zip lock bags. I'm pricing them as used though. All have been tested for emissions. How about .50 ea for 10 or fewer tubes (5 min), .40 ea for 11-25 tubes, .35 ea for 26-50 tubes, .25 ea for 51-200 tubes and 35 for all. All plus shipping from 80908. A shipment of all 300 should run about $20. Here's the listing. The column on the left are boxed(first photo). The two right columns are bagged (second photo). Ralph, rebrands at juno dot com (1/6/19)

Qty Type Qty Type Qty Type

1 10DE7 2 5V3 1 6EB8
1 11AF9 5 6AX4 1 6EH7
1 12AX4GTB 6 1G3 2 6EJ7
4 12BH7 8 6W6GT 1 6ER5
1 12BV7 8 6AG7 1 6ER8
2 12BY7 6 6AG7 3 6EW6
1 12BZ7 1 10DE7 1 6FS5
2 12W6GT 1 10KR8 1 6FV6
1 1V2 1 11HF8 2 6GH8
1 25AX4GT 1 11KV8 1 6GM6
2 25W4GT 1 12BH7 4 6GU7
1 3BZ6 2 13EM7 1 6HA5
3 3CB6 1 17D4 1 6HS8
2 3CF6 1 22DE4 1 6JD6
1 3DT6 1 25CA5 2 6JH6
2 4BQ7 1 3BA6 1 6KA8
1 6AB7 1 3BN6 1 6KD8
4 6AF4 1 3BU8 1 6KE8
1 6AM8 3 3BZ6 2 6KZ8

Qty Type Qty Type Qty Type

5 6AN8 7 3CB6 1 6LE8
1 6AN8 2 3CS6 1 6LF8
5 6AQ5 2 3DK6 2 6MQ8
1 6AS8 4 3DT6 6 6S4
1 6AT8 1 3HQ5 8 6U8
4 6AU8 1 5EW6 1 6V3
1 6AX4GTB 3 5LJ8 1 6X8
1 6AZ8 7 6AQ5 1 7AU7
3 6BC8 1 6AT8 1 8CG7
1 6BH8 1 6AV5 2 8FQ7
3 6BK5 8 6AW8 3 8LT8
1 6BN8 1 6BA8
1 6BK4 1 6BF5
4 6CB6 1 6BH7
2 6CG7 1 6BJ8
5 6CL6 2 6BK5
1 6CL8 1 6BL6 1 6CM7
2 6BQ6 1 6CN7 1 6BU8
4 6CQ8 14 6BZ6

Qty Type Qty Type Qty Type

2 6CU5 1 6CB6
4 6CX8 2 6CF6
1 6CZ5 5 6CG7
1 6DJ8 3 6CG8
1 6GF7 3 6CJ6
1 6S4 2 6CL6
1 6T4 2 6CL8
8 6U8 1 6CM7
1 6V3 2 6CS7
1 6W6GT 1 6CU8
2 6X8 1 6CY5
1 7AU7 1 6CY7
1 8FQ7 1 6DK6
1 6DR7
5 6DT6
1 6DX8



RCA Silverama 17BJP4 CRT. An RCA rebuilt tube with near zero use. Perfect! Pickup only or can deliver to Kutztown radio swap meet in May. $75.00. Frank, 215-943-8295 fadacat at aol dot com (2/3/19)
Moyer Electronics has these 17 and 19 inch CRTs we have that must go. any reasonable offer will not be refused. Located in PA. 570-286-6707, sales at moyerelectronics dot com (1/9/19)

Extensive electronic components and Literature for sale:AC panel meters various ranges $3.00 ea
Carbon resistors all sizes 1/2, 1, 2 watt, $1.50ea
Wire wound 2, 5, 15, 30 50, 100 watt $2 ea
Capacitors ceramic 1 - 6 KV $1.50ea
Vintage IF cans $1.50 ea
Trimmers various sizes $1.00ea
Tubular and canned electrolytic 300-450 WVDC.
$ 3 - $5ea
TV Power Xfmrs, #3.00 ea
TV Volume controls, miniatures for small projects
$2.00 ea
Selenium rectifiers 300 MA $1.00 ea
Information manuals 
GE essential characteristics, 1962-63 $1.50/ea
Tube Substitution, 1960-74 $1.50/ea
Tung-Sol characteristics, 1952, $1.00/ea
Tung-Sol characteristics, 1955, $1.00/ea
TV Repair Manuals, Rapid TV Repair, 1956, $2.00 
Pin- Point Color TV Troubles, 1958 $2.00
SymFact Color TV Servicing , 1969 $2.00
Motorola Zener Diodes, 1980 $2.00
Servicing HI-Fi Turntables, 1974 $2.00
TV Tube Location Guide, 1953, $1.00
Transistor Specifications Manual, 1964-88 $1.50
Troubleshooting and Repairing VCRs, 1996 $4.00
TV Tube Replacement, 1965 $1.00
101 Ways to use Your Sign Gen, 1959 $2.00
101 Ways to use Your Oscilloscope, 1959 $2.00

Sam's PhotoFax, 1949 - 1985 copies $5.00
Some Flyback Xfmrs $5 - $15ea

Some picture tubes send your requirementsAllen, allen_k_williams at juno dot com (11/14/18)

Restoration Parts

The museum has a good selection of restoration items, flybacks, yokes, black and white CRTs and color CRTs available to collectors

We create custom reproduction Radio Knobs and other hard to find parts.Check us out at https://bigriverhardware.com/ (1/6/20)

Reproduction Philco Predicta Networks for sale. For the following chassis: 9L37, 9L38, 9H25, 10L42/43, and 11L43.

9L37 - $40
9L38 - $40
9H25 - $43
10L42/43 - $40
11L43 - $38

For more information see: https://tvrestorerguy.com/



Mask for Motorola 7 inch sets

Early Television

Capacitorworld offers a full line of Premium quality Electrolytic and Film Capacitors with very aggressive pricing. $3 shipping, any size order for the lower 48. M-F 9-5. 848-448-8186, 5 Executive DR. Unit L. Toms River NJ 08755. capacitorworld1 at gmail dot com

Early Television

Online Components have over 350,000 parts in stock and are an authorized distributor for several manufacturers. http://www.onlinecomponents.com/

Jeff Weinberg  W8CQ has purchased the Peter Dahl Co., which makes custom replacement transformers for vintage electronic equipment. Harbach Electronics, LLC, 468 County Road 620, Polk, OH  44866-9711.

Reproduction TRK-12 rubber CRT masks, $100 a piece. Contact Barry Kasindorf, barry at barrykasindorf dot com 508-528- 0026
Retro-Tronics now makes replica backs for some TV sets: GE Model 803,  Philco Predicta Holiday,  Philco Predicta Holiday (Unprinted), RCA T-100, and  Stromberg Carlson TC-10. They will also make custom backs. Visit their website.
Replica pushbuttons are now available again for RCA TRK-5, 9/90, and 12/120 TV sets. Cost is $80 for a set, plus shipping. Go to the Renovated Radios site.
We have designed a simple modulator to be used with British 405 line TV sets. It can also be used with Pre-1945 (AM sound) American sets. We ordered a number of printed circuit boards, and are making them available to anyone who needs one at my cost of $25 or 15 Pounds Sterling, including postage to the U.S. or Europe. More information or order online
Ed Dinning, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, (eddinning at boltblue dot com) will rewind power transformers, including high voltage (EHT) ones, and build replicas.
Pete has a Brand New 5AP4 in a sealed box from approx. 1940's and inquiring if any one is need of this CRT.  He has sold several of these tubes and all of the customers have been very happy with the brightness and clear focus of these 5AP4s.  They are an excellent replacement for the 5BP4 and are much brighter.  (201) 891-4899 or pdtrk120 at yahoo dot com
Bob Dobush (bobtheatre at aol dot com) has octal tube keyway replacements for sale. $1.25 each or ten for $10.00
John Horvath (Amptech Systems) has reproduction backs and HV cages for RCA 630TS, 8TS30, 721 and 621TS sets. He is also interested in knowing if anyone is looking for a DuMont RA-103 back?  He would like to know how much demand exists for them. amptechsys at earthlink dot net
PARTS-LINK is a group of professional repair parts specialists and electronic servicers' worldwide. Our objective is to support these individuals or organizations and increase efficiency by locating and inventorying parts to repair electronic or electrical appliances and equipment of various applications. All Service Techs & Parts Suppliers are welcome. 2 types of Pay Membership are available, but are not mandatory for participation