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Early Color Television

DuMont Industrial Color Television

This brochure describes a 1950 field sequential color system developed by DuMont. It operated with 180 fields per second, or 30 frames per second, the same as the NTSC system. It used a bandwidth of 18 mHz, allowing very high resolution, and was designed for closed circuit operation. Here is a brochure.

The standard monitor had a 7 inch screen, while a 12 1/2 inch monitor was also available. It was demonstrated at the 1950 IRE show.

Popular Science, June 1950

12 1/2 inch monitor with tuner

Courtesy of Steve Dichter


Broadcasting, March 6, 1950

Courtesy of Cliff Benham






Broadcasting, May 1 1950


Broadcasting, October 8 1951


Broadcasting, March 13, 1950

Courtesy of Cliff Benham

Broadcasting, October 9 1950