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Early Color Television

DuMont 12 1/2 Industrial Color Monitor

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Technical information

DuMont made this monitor for its industrial closed circuit system. It was demonstrated at the 1950 IRE show. The monitor is now at the museum, and we intend to restore it and display the high quality 500 line resolution color pictures it can produce.

The monitor is mostly complete, but is missing the motor control chassis. It even has its original knobs. Cliff Benham has built a new color wheel and a motor control chassis, and the monitor now works. Follow our restoration of the monitor here.

Viewing area. There is no magnifier, but some sort of goop on it.

HV and horizontal sweep chassis

Vertical sweep and video chassis

Power supply chassis

CRT cover and motor assembly

With the CRT cover removed, showing the color wheel

Metal tag, which can be seen in the picture above at the center bottom. Does USN mean the U. S. Navy?

The color wheel assembly, rear

Color wheel assembly, front. The goop is from the rubber pieces that go between the assembly and the CRT frame

Glass from the front of the color wheel assembly

The CRT cover, containing the yoke and focus coil. It is similar to the one in the Gray Research monitor, but for a 12 inch tube, probably a 12JKP4 or 12QP4.

The color wheel. It is made of two sheets of plastic, with filter material sandwiched between. The sheets are riveted together.

Rivets for balancing the wheel

Cliff Benham with the monitor

The monitor, restored, with Cliff Benham's motor control chassis

Courtesy of John Folsom

A picture from the screen after restoration