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Early Television Museum

Donations of Equipment and Other Items

The museum accepts donations of equipment, and your contribution may be tax deductible since we are a 501 c 3 non-profit foundation.

The following have generously made donations of equipment and other items to the foundation. We greatly appreciate their contribution to the preservation of early television history.

2017 Donations

Lori Lehman Wooster, OH 1950s Travler console TV set, Hallicrafters 7 inch TV set
Dave Poland Columbus, OH 1950s Stromberg Carlson TV chassis
Gordon Youngs Marietta, GA Panasonic 9 inch portable TV set
Nancy Rich Columbus, OH 1949 Muntz console TV set
Frank Detzel Indianapolis, IN 1955 GE TV set, 1961 GE portable TV, 1970s JVC portable TV
Walter Flasinski Allentown, PA Heathkit aligment units, color TV test jig, misc books and parts
Chuck Azzalina Perkasie, PA TNT projection set, RCA Clubman
John Estep Pittsburgh, PA Admiral bakelite console, Sparton 4900, RCA 710, GE 901
Ray Farmer OH Teletone 7 inch set
Phil Smith OH RCA TV
Bart Bartman OH Hallicrafter 7 inch set
NCRTV Museum Bowie, MD Portable video test set
Tim Moritz Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ USTV projection set
Norman Weimer New Madison, OH MIsc. test equipment and parts
Chris Cameron Columbus, OH FADA 1948 console TV set
John Terrey Carlisle, MA Sears Closed Caption Decoder, Loewe High Definition TV - 2001
John McQuillen St. Petersburg, FL Marconi 705 TV set
Ray Wasniak New Paris, OH 1953 Freed Eiseman TV set
Mark Pachla Rochester Hills, MI Sparton 5152 TV set
William Sewell Wooster, OH General Electric 803 TV set


Equipment donations from previous years