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Donations of Equipment and Other Items

The museum accepts donations of equipment, and your contribution may be tax deductible since we are a 501 c 3 non-profit foundation.

The following have generously made donations of equipment and other items to the foundation. We greatly appreciate their contribution to the preservation of early television history.

2018 Donations

Adele Catanzaro Columbus, OH DuMont console TV set
Raymond "Woody" Woodward Roanoke, VA P.C. Electronics TVC4 Amateur TV Downconverter
Richard Hertel Fort Wayne, IN Binder with Farnsworth photos, Diamond Power documents
Tim Smith Plain City, OH Test equipment, Webster Electric recorder
Tim Coyle Australia Teletone TV-149, restored
Kent Murphy   Phillips 1960-70 TV set
Jan Schlegler Columbus, OH Vacuum tubes
Chuck Azzalina Perkasie, PA HP spectrum analyzer, RCA TK-41 manual
Tom Barnes Keystone Heights, FL RCA 8-TR-29 and Heathkit GR-2000 TV sets
Geoff Pomeroy Westerville, OH RCA 6-T-71 TV set
Mark Hathaway Columbus, OH Tube caddy and tubes
Charlene Underwood   Drugstore tube tester
Jerry Lynch Mansfield, OH Motorola 1949 TV set
Cliff Benham West Grove, PA 3M P-50 proc amp
Phil Savenick Los Angeles, CA Articles and items relating to Farnsworth
Richard J. Hertel Ft. Wayne, IN Resolution charts and test patterns
Jay Procenko Los Angeles, CA Philco Safari TV set and manual
William Orrin and Judith Marie Morrison and family Berkeley, IL Raytheon 15 inch color TV set
Joe Pagano Totowa, NJ RCA CT-100 color TV set
Tim Poliniak Cheektowaga, NY Large CBS sign
Cynthia Cozart Culpeper, VA 28 TV sets, misc. part and other items
Ken Gilbert Columbus, OH Admiral 34R15 TV set
David Zechar Washington, DC Sinclair B&W portable television. Misc vacuum tubes and parts.
Melvin Baranski Westchester, IL Scott 6T11
Jerry Traub Vallejo, CA Zenith Mayflower porthole TV set
Teresa Barchuk Texas Vee D X antenna rotor control

2017 Donations

Tim Poliniak Cheektowaga, NY Automatic TV-709, Zenith Phonevision converter
Tim Coyle Australia 2 - Emco 6 KV miniature power supply modules
Lori Lehman Wooster, OH 1950s Travler console TV set, Hallicrafters 7 inch TV set
Dave Poland Columbus, OH 1950s Stromberg Carlson TV chassis
Gordon Youngs Marietta, GA Panasonic 9 inch portable TV set
Nancy Rich Columbus, OH 1949 Muntz console TV set
Frank Detzel Indianapolis, IN 1955 GE TV set, 1961 GE portable TV, 1970s JVC portable TV
Walter Flasinski Allentown, PA Heathkit aligment units, color TV test jig, misc books and parts
Chuck Azzalina Perkasie, PA TNT projection set, RCA Clubman
John Estep Pittsburgh, PA Admiral bakelite console, Sparton 4900, RCA 710, GE 901
Ray Farmer OH Teletone 7 inch set
Phil Smith OH RCA TV
Bart Bartman OH Hallicrafter 7 inch set
NCRTV Museum Bowie, MD Portable video test set
Tim Moritz Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ USTV projection set
Norman Weimer New Madison, OH MIsc. test equipment and parts
Chris Cameron Columbus, OH FADA 1948 console TV set
John Terrey Carlisle, MA Sears Closed Caption Decoder, Loewe High Definition TV - 2001
John McQuillen St. Petersburg, FL Marconi 705 TV set
Ray Wasniak New Paris, OH 1953 Freed Eiseman TV set
Mark Pachla Rochester Hills, MI Sparton 5152 TV set
William Sewell Wooster, OH General Electric 803 TV set

2016 Donations

Olin Koger Xenia, OH Motorola TS-4J 7 inch TV set, 7JP4 CRT
Doug Garlinger Indianapolis, IN 2 RCA TK30 camera heads
Frank and Alison Tiernan Detroit, MI Eidophor lens, kinescope recorder documents
Tom & Kathy Hutter Columbus, OH RCA T-125 TV set
Bill Parker Columbus, OH 14 scope and TV CRTs
Gleason Greene Stamford, CT RCA TRK-120
Daniel Black North Dakota RCA TK-1C monoscope from WBNS-TV
Anonymous Hinckley, OH Radar and TV CRTs
John Terrey Carlisle, MA Illuminated glass Raytheon TV sign
Tommie Parikka Hubertus, WI Admiral operating instruction package
John Bradshaw   5820 Image Orthicon
Jim Weaver   Test equipment, audio equipment, misc. tubes and parts
Bill Verduin   Magnavox radio, Motorola 7 inch TV set, 1940s oscilloscope, insulation tester
Jamil McGinnis   CRTs, Hallicrafter T-54, Hallicrafter 505 chassis, RCA UHF converters
Michael Weiser Athens, OH Sylvania Halolight TV set
Joe Puthoff Pittsburgh, PA 2 Sarkes Tarzian 3000L cameras with support equipment
Donald Passantino Middle Village, NY Service literature
Brian Kehew Los Angeles, CA RCA books and documents
Mark Nelson Natick, MA VHF boosters and UHF converters
Steven Hall Farmington Hills, MI 1955 Zenith Flashmatic TV set, 1950 Zenith CG2355
Lorin &Tandy Koch Conroe, TX 1950 Philco TV set, Philco radio
David League Richmond, VA Last Samsung CRT TV set sold in the U.S.

2015 Donations

Sam Mannino Newtown Square, PA Motorola VT-105
Mike Mehlos Watertown, WI RCA TK-41 camera and support equipment
Ron Helm   Vacuum tubes, booklets, repairman's case
Jim Payne Bloomingtoon, MN Unassembled Heathkit color TV set
Walter Spence Newark, OH CRT, tubes, capacitors, resistors, yokes, flybacks
Michael McBrayer Columbus, OH RCA 8-T-241
Mark Fliegel Brownsville, TX Daven 24 line scanning disk
George Gingery Wooster, OH RCA CTC-11 TV set
Tony Patton Columbus, OH Raytheon, Admiral and Zenith TV sets, portable Sony, Singer and Panasonic TV sets, CRTs, test equipment.
Estate of Clayton R. Allen Westerville, OH General Electric 12 inch table model TV set
Chuck Azzalina Perkasie, PA HV power module and 6 volt supply
Cliff Benham West Grove, PA 9 inch monitor, Sync separator unit
Valerie Watt Santa Barbara, CA TACO clipboard
Larry Freeland Ft. Wayne, IN General Electric early 50s console TV set
Mark Oppat Plymouth, MI Channel Master CRT rebuilding brochure
Barb Thompson Cincinnati, OH Tube tester, misc. vacuum tubes, tube caddy
Sal Brisindi NJ 400 new capacitors, 50 new electroytic capacitors
Bruce Hagen Brecksville, OH Misc. new Airphone equipment, Ikegami camera
Warren Shulz Griffith, IN Practical Television Servicing book
Glen Piper Milwaukee, WI Crosley 9-425
Roger Dimeo Meriden, CT GE 810
Bill Stock New York, NY 25 vacuum tubes
David Dexter Fletcher, NC GE 821
Brian Bundy Long Beach, CA Hollis Baird model 26 drum mechanical scanner
Victor L. Hamrick Claymont, DE Hickock flying spot scanner model 760
Bill Morse Philadelphia, PA GE GL-914 CRT
Dale Weygandt Columbus, OH 200 vacuum tubes
Steve Bailey Columbus, OH RCA 17-T-123 TV set, RCA 45J record changer
Carl Tagliabue   Zenith technical literature
Chip Foley Martinsburg, WV Muntz 23", Philco Predicta, 17" table model
Fred Steuer St. Louis, MO RCA 21CT55, flyback, UHF converter
Nick Williams Norfolk, VA Admiral color neon dealer sign
Tony Hendley. for James A. Chase Angola, IN 2 RCA TP-16 projectors, TK-20 camera and multiplexer
Jeff Smith Columbus, OH Admiral 17 inch chassis
Dan Bunting Katy, TX RCA TM-20B color monitor

2014 Donations

Bruce Graham Universal City, CA Rank Cintel flying spot scanner CRT
Al Kozakiewicz Niskayuna, NY National Union Monotron
Tom and Suzanne Langford Craigmoor, WV RCA, Ampex broadcast videotape recorders, misc. studio equipment
Matt Caputo Williamsport, PA 40 new in box B & W CRTs
Museum of Science and Industry Tampa, FL GPL kinescope, RCA CT-100, CTC-4, CTC-10, 22 black and white sets, other misc. items
Moyer Electronics Sunbury, PA Approximately 140 new in box color CRTs
Ned Connors Barrington, RI Box of 40s and 50s TV knobs
Dave Sica Parsippany, NJ CBS RX-89 experimental color set
Patcrick Goodman   191 NOS vacuum tubes
Edwin Clements   "An Introduction To Television" by C. J. Hylander and Robert Harding Jr
Jeff Culver Sylvania, OH Westinghouse H-231 TV set
John Estep Pittsburgh, PA Silvertone and Motorola TV sets
Joe Ginley   1951 DuMont console TV set
Geoff Bourne St. Albans, WV Sparton 12 inch trapezoidal TV set
Craig and Becky Strafford   7JP4, 10HP4, Sparton 17 inch TV set
Daryl Oestreich Abbotsford, WI Eastman 400 telecine projector
Estate of Charles A. Matuska North Riverside, IL RCA CT-100
Robin Gann Easley, SC RCA 14-S-7070
John Thomas Delaware, OH 1948 Admiral console TV set
George Lemaster Fall Church, VA RCA 8480 vidicon, Philips 55875 plumbicon
Bob Schmidt Carmel, IN Stuffed Nipper dolls, misc. RCA memorabilia
Chuck Azzalina Perkasie, PA DuMont RA-101 Custom, Giant View projector, Electrical Products projector
Wes Anderson Valley City, ND UTL course, misc. radio and television books
Nancy Ellyson La Crescenta, CA Letters and postcards to the Hollywood Radio & Television Institute
Cliff Benham West Grove, PA Admiral CA101 color adapter
Bill Morse New London, CT 90 Flybacks, yokes and other parts.
Lee Lamb Reminderville, Ohio TV Magnifier, with stand.
Dale Weygandt Grove City, OH Box of vintage TV and radio tubes

2013 Donations

Mark Cannon Columbus, OH 1973 RCA Color Set
Dale Hartig Bowie, MD 1949 GE console
Dale Baldwin Salamanca, NY Zenith 24NC312, 1949 Philco console
Ron Kennedy Akron, OH Philco 48-700
Nancy Ellyson La Crescenta, CA Postcards and letters to HRTI from Indian students
Robbie Robinson Marysville, OH 1947 Transvision kit with 5 inch CRT with assembly manual
Jan Nunley Reynoldsburg, OH 1950s Stromberg Carlson TV set
Ron Steinberg Itaska, IL RCA 8-T-241 new in box, Radio Craftsman 1950 chrome chassis TV with remote
Estate of Henry Armistead Lee Newport News,VA UHF converters, VHF booster, books and booklets
Susan Berndt Ft. Wayne, IN Materials from United Television Labs
Larry Schramm Rochester Hills, MI RCA 17T150 TV set, Zenith posters
Robert Buchholtz Columbus, OH 1952 RCA console TV set
Alan Arikian Mechanicsville, VA 2 - RCA TRK-120 TV sets
Harold Cheyney Columbus, OH General Electric 17C107 TV set
David Wickliff Croton, OH Techtronix oscilloscope, vacuum tubes
Robert Lochtefield Powell, OH 2 - 40s and 50s TV sets, misc. manuals and magazines

2012 Donations

Robert Lochtefield Powell, OH 8 - 40s and 50s TV sets, misc. manuals and magazines
Roy Butler Columbus, OH RCA 1950s TV set
Todd Popp Columbus, OH Zenith Service Saver chassis
Barry Gibbons Rosemont, CA Misc. TV parts
Ron Sylvester Hume, CA Philco literature
Sean Barton Sullivan, MO Astatic booster, IT remote control
Norman Weimer New Madison, OH RCA CTC-11, Zenith 522GUI, Color test jig, Zenith porthole console
Arndt/Blain Family Barrington Hills, IL American Television 14T6
Wayne Bretl Grayslake, IL Fab Color TV contest box
Bob Dobush Wellington, OH Brochures, tubes, misc. parts
Brian Gibbons Rosemont, CA Misc. parts
John McIlvoy Houston, TX Vacuum tubes, books
Terry Weber St. Louis, MO Artone 12" TV set
Terry Fyfe St. Louis, MO Hallicrafters 506 7" TV set
Mary Franz and Kyle McEwen San Francisco, CA Motorola suitcase 7" TV set
Tom Christovich Baltimore, MD Iconoscope, Image Orthicon and Vidicon camera tubes

2011 Donations

John Krueger Hilliard, OH Tube caddies with tubes and tools, tube tester, books
Henry Spohn Hilliard, OH Tube caddy and tubes
Carl Armon Jamestown, CO Motorola VT-71, Emerson 600, Hickok 660, Beltron 2972, RCA WR-59, Jerrold booster
Tony Squillante Dublin, OH Crosley 24-AV radio, tube caddy, test equipment, tubes, parts
Calvin Hill Columbus, OH Philco 50-T-1403, Philco 50-T-1404, RCA 9T246, Muntz M21, Hoffman 326, RCA 14-S-7071
Bob Dobush Wellington, OH CBS 205 conversion kit box
Dave Claes Akron, OH DuMont RA-103 Doghouse
Tim Tress Beaver Falls, PA RCA TM-5 monitor
Betty Guerra Pittsburgh, PA RCA 648-PTK
Bruce Sunstein Rockport, MA RCA CTC-7, test equipment, misc. parts, Uniray parts, documents
Richard Diehl San Jose, CA A T & T Model 2 Picturephone
Chuck Azzalina Perkasie, PA Experimental IO type pickup tube, experimental prewar CRTS
Bernie Lechner Princeton, NJ Transvision 12 inch set with stand and documents
Robert Yocom Columbus, OH 150 TV tubes
James Cozart Culpeper, VA Lens for Gray Research Monitor
Mary Ann Kalin Baltimore, MD Muntz M21
Bruce Posten Agua Dulce, CA Pictures of CRT rebuilding Plant
Mel Wunder Lewisburg, PA New RCA 5820 Image Orthicon
WTHI-TV Terre Haute, IN RCA transmitter console, GE transmitter console, 2 large studio lights, RCA camera pedestal model TD-1, Misc. transmitter waveguide
Michael Berke Dublin, OH Motorola VT71 TV set
Joan Antonello
Ridgefield, NJ Various television test instruments
Carl Armon Jamestown, CO RCA 8PC48 TV set. Philco 50-1149 TV set

2010 Donations

Roger & Arlene Johnson Carmel, IN Scott tabletop projection set
Bill Seabrook Dunkirk, MD RCA field intensity meter and antenna
David Corbitt Whiting, NJ Beitmans service manuals
Brad Ogilvie Round Lake, IL Tube caddy, RCA coil kit, misc. publications
Darryl Hock Sterling Heights, IL Meck XA-201, Silvertone color set
Brad Ogilvie Round Lake, IL Misc. publications, RCA replacement coil kit, tube caddy and tubes
Dick Malm Denver, CO RCA 21-CT-55, Motorola 7 inch tabletop, RCA developmental iconoscope, tubes, radio
Harry and Fran Mayo Princeton, NJ Andrea C-VL16 console TV set
Tom Tirpak Glenview, IL Admiral 19A1 tabletop TV set
Art Bielski Chicago, IL 18 1940s TV sets
Dr. Willis Hodges Worthington, OH RCA CTC-16
Julia Smolka Chicago, IL Sivertone 10 inch tabletop TV
Scott Avitt Des Moines, IA Picture tube rebuilding plant
Jermey Linek Columbus, OH RCA Victor 6-T-74, misc. tubes and knobs.
Chuck Azzalina Perkasie, PA Developmental vidicon camera tubes
Adam Sayles Mt. Lake, MN Radio Craftsman RC-200, Sentinel 400-TV. Bel-Aire clock radio/TV

2009 Donations

Euclid Coukouma Washington, DC GPL projector, 2 - RCA TK10/11 camera heads, misc. other broadcast equipment
Celia and Eric Tazelaar Princeton, NJ DuMont Westminster
Michael Schultz Durham, NC Zenith Space Command 300 and remote, Sony 4" portable
Brian Burke Ft. Wayne, IN Motorola 1949 tabletop set
David Fox Spencerport, NY RCA T-100 with Norelco projection unit
Bill Isen and Brian Brown Arlington, VA Telekit 10A
Estate of William R. Ziegler York, PA FADA 930 (restored by John Horvath of Amptech Systems)
Chuck Azzalina Perkasie, PA Experimental camera and video storage tubes
Carl Simpson Springfield, MO Yagi Antennas
Gene Hamilton Stillwater, OK Motorola 19CK1 color television set
Larry Justice New Alex, OH 56 vintage sets for ETF auction, Motorola VT-106
Susan Moody Chesterhill, OH Capehart 36C216M-5 color television set

2008 Donations

Albert Rill Columbus, OH Case containing numerous vacuum tubes, transistors, capacitors, etc.
David L and Hazel Brown Belpre, OH 1980 Zenith System 3 Computer Space Command 3500 TV set
Alan D'Aurora Columbus, OH Zenith B3006E 1959 television set with Space Command remote control
Roger Dreyfoos Castro Valley, CA Television picture tube rebuilding plant
Charline Glowitz Monroe Twp, NJ Stromberg Carlson TV-12 television set
Marilyn Herboltzheimer Columbus, OH Emerson model 644 television set with stand
Bob Hodge Syracuse N.Y. Cathode ray tubes
Walter Martin Hilliard, OH 1937 Zenith console radio
Mary Johnson Downers Grove, IL Cathode ray tube collection
Nolan Stephany Webster, NY Cameras and studio equipment
Marshall and Norma Prince Lyons, CO 1950 RCA Model 6-T-71 TV set
Darryl Hock Sterling Heights, MI 1956 Sentinel IU-816 color TV set, excellent condition, with good original 21AXP22 tube