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Early Television Broadcasting

General Precision Laboratories PA-303 Video Recording Monitor

This unit contains a high resolution flying spot scanner and was used with a 16mm film camera to record television programs in the early 50s. The CRT operates with 25 kv on the anode and has a P11 phosphor. The PA-303 was used with a PA-302 film camera (shown below).

The PA-303 will soon be at the museum, courtesy of a donation from the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa, Florida.

The manuals below are courtesy of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation:

Video Recorder - Model PA-3000
Video Recording Camera - Model PA-302
Video Recording Monitor - Model PA-303 part 1
Video Recording Monitor - Model PA-303 part 2



The PA-302,PA-303, and film development unit

16 mm film camera

Courtesy of the Canada Museum of Science and Technology