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Early Television
Early Television Early Television
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HMV 904

Early Television

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Screen Size 5 inch
Year Made 1938
Quantity Manufactured ?
Original Cost 29 Gns.
Number Still in Existence See Pre-1945 Database
Cabinet Refinished
Chassis Restored

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A modern replica
Technical information

This 5 inch British set with radio was one of the least expensive sets available when it was introduced in 1938. When acquired, it was complete, with a fair cabinet, and a substantial amount of rust on the chassis. We are finished with restoration of this set.

Early Television

The Foundation at one time had three 904s in its collection. Here is a picture of all three together, probably the first time since 1940 that three of the same model pre-1945 sets have been in the same room together. The set on the right has been completely restored and sold to another collector. The one in the middle was sold to a collector, who has restored it. The set on the left has been restored and kept in our collection. 

Early Television