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Early Electronic Television

Meissner 10-1153 with Factory Cabinet

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Screen Size 5 inch
Year Made 1939-40
Quantity Manufactured ?
Original Cost $159.50
Number Still in Existence See Pre-1945 Database
Cabinet Original Finish
Chassis Not Restored


Advertising literature
Meissner owned by KDYL
Convert This Set to a 9 Inch Screen
Build Your Own Video-Audio Set
Assembling the kit
Technical information

This is one of only two surviving Meissner sets with a factory cabinet. The kit was usually sold without the cabinet. This one was sold on Ebay as an old oscilloscope for $4.95 to a buyer who didn't realize that it was a television set until he got it. 

When compared with the Meissner Kit set, there are a few differences:

The controls for horizontal and vertical centering are pointed toward the front of the set on the kit (left), and toward the rear on the cabinet version (right)

The top of the kit set (left) has two large rods to connect the front panel to the rear panel. Several modifications have been made to the cabinet version. First, the horizontal output tube (second up in the lower left corner) is a 6F7 in the kit set, but has been replaced with a 6SN7 in the cabinet set. Also, the horizontal oscillator tube, a 6N7 in the kit set, has also been replaced with a 6SN7 in the cabinet set. In the lower right corner you will notice that there is one more tube (replaces a can electrolytic) in the cabinet set. The audio portion has been rewired for FM sound, adding a 6H6 detector. Finally, you will notice in the upper right corner of the cabinet set that the 6J5 local oscillator tube has been replaced with a 6C4. These changes had nothing to do with the set being in a cabinet, rather they were probably made to improve the performance of the set.

The kit set (left) has a replacement power transformer, while the cabinet set has the original. The cabinet set has a somewhat different tuner, with a metal shield. Both tuners look to be factory models, probably from different years (the set was made from 1939 to 1941).

Here are some cabinet photographs:

The set originally had a metal escutcheon around the CRT. Here is a photo, courtesy of Chuck Azzalina: