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Early Television Early Television
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Television at the Mt. Whiteface Weather Station - 1940

Early Television


Lake Placid, N. Y. -- To bring Easter services and the New York City Easter Parade to the top of Whiteface Mountain near Lake Placid, N. Y., television equipment was hauled on a taboggan over five miles. The four snowshoers, who took six hours to make the climb up the 4,872-foot climb. (Starting with the lead are: Willard Cody, Chief Weather Observer at the station, Alex Smith and Joseph Wiggin, television engineers, and Elbert F. Corwin, Director of the meterology station. 3-24-40

Whiteface Mountain is about 100 miles north of Schenectady, where W2XB, the General Electric station was located. By March of 1940 GE was picking up RCA's broadcasts from New York City and rebroadcasting them. The equipment being installed on Mt. Whiteface would have been picking up programs relayed to Schenectady and rebroadcast by W2XB.

Early Television

Installing the antenna