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Early Television Stations

W2XB/WGY/WRGB Schenectady

W2XB was General Electric's television station in Schenectady, New York. In charge of GE's television program was Dr. Ernst Alexanderson, who first demonstrated his television system in late 1927. In January of 1928, GE began broadcasting as 2XB, on 790 kHz using a 24 line mechanical standard. Soon afterward the station switched to 48 lines. The country's first television drama, The Queen's Messenger, was broadcast by W2XB in September of 1928. In 1939 W2XB began broadcasting electronic television. One of the first television networks interconnected W2XBS, the NBC station in New York City,with W2XB. Except for a short period in 1941, the station continued a regular schedule of television programming. After the war, W2XB became .


The Queen's Messenger Rotary Makes Television History
The First Television Show Television at the Mt. Whiteface Weather Station - 1940
WRGB New York to Schenectady Relay A Model Studio Built for Television
1944 Brochure  


Mechanical Broadcasting


Dr. Alexanderson in front of the receiver


Ernst Alexanderson (r) and D. McFarland Moore, with the neon tube developed by Moore 

The rear of the receiver

The camera

Scientific American, March 1928

Washington Post, May 17, 1928

Courtesy of John Pinckney

Radio World, Oct. 11 1930


Electronic Broadcasting


Radio & Television, Aug. 1939

Electronics, March 1940

Radio & Television, July 1940

Popular Science, December 1940

Test pattern, August 1939

Radio & Television, February 1940

Courtesy of Chuck Azzalina

WRGB studios and transmitter, 1940

Broadcasting, January 15 1939

Broadcasting, March 15 1939

Broadcasting, February 1 1939

An artist's rendition of the station, from a 1939 calendar published by GE

The studio and control room, 1941

Studio lights, 1941

1943 article

1944 programming

National Radio News, February-March 1944

WRGB control room - 1945

1946 postcard