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Postwar American Television

RCA 621-TS


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(1946 - 7 inch)

Technical information

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The cabinet of this set was probably designed during World War Two by John Vassos, who also designed the TT-5, TRK-5, TRK-9 and TRK-12.  The chassis, however, is clearly a postwar design, using flyback high voltage.

RCA announced the 621TS in October, 1946, at a price of $225, along with the ten inch model 630TS. In November both sets were advertised for sale in five cities. Very few (about 17,000) of the 621 were made, since the public preferred the larger 630.

An inexpensive substitute for the rare 7DP4 CRT
Hugo Holden's RCA 621TS restoration
Photos of the 621
Owners manual
Technical information

This may be the only known advertisement for the 621TS. It was cropped from a full page RCA ad in the December 30, 1946 issue of Life Magazine. The full ad is somewhat institutional and features the 630TS and other television items. The 621 is a small 2 inch corner of the above ad thus the blurry image.