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Early Television
Early Television Early Television
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RCA 630-TS

Early Television

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(1946 - 10 inch)

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The indestructible 630
Phil Nelson's RCA 630TS restoration
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Early Television

RCA announced the 630-TS in October, 1946, at a price of $350, along with the seven inch model 621TS. In November both sets were advertised for sale in five cities. Over the next ten years, hundreds of thousands of these sets were sold. The chassis was sold to other manufacturers, who built their own cabinets.

630 chassis were sold to many other manufacturers, such as FADA, who put them in their own cabinets. Chassis were available in late 40s and early 50 magazines for experimenters to build their own sets. Instructions from General Electric and Tech-Master Products showed how the 630 chassis to be used with picture tubes as large as 24 inches.