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Postwar American Television

RCA Berkshire

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The RCA Berkshire series were the top of the line entertainment systems in 1948. The Regency model cost $3,250 ($24,792 in today's money), production was only 246 units. The set has a 15"x20" screen, a chrome plated AM-FM 7 band short wave receiver with auto tune, phonograph changer with the latest GE magnetic pickup, chrome plated 40 watt amplifier, and a 15" dual cone/voice coil speaker. A total of 69 tubes. 24 in the receiver, 9 in the power supply/amplifier, and 36 in the TV. All this in a massive 53"H x 72"W x 24"D, 545 lb. cabinet. This set used a projection system developed by RCA in 1945. Here is an article about the system, used in all late 40s RCA projection sets.

RCA Radio Age, 1947

Courtesy of Steve Dichter