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Early Television Early Television
Early Television Early Television
Mechanical Television

TM-3 Pioneer

Early Television

The experimental mechanical television set TM-3 Pioneer was created at the end of 1934 on the 16th anniversary of the great October Revolution. The set was a modernization of the existing mechanical television set, the B -2. It contained in one cabinet the mechanical scanning apparatus and two receivers, one for the reception of picture signals and one for the sound.  The set had automatic synchronization and automatic level control. The 30 line picture was about the size of a matchbox, and had a horizontal resolution of 48 lines.

There were two viewing windows, one for the Baird vertical format, and one for the European horizontal format. Under the lens to the right is the tuning dial scale. An external speaker was needed for the sound. Control of the television set was very simple. The knob on the left was for loudness, the middle knob was tuning, and the right knob was the power switch. The television set did not go into production, since electronic television was soon to become available.