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Motorola 19CT1 Restoration

The Cabinet.  The cabinet is in excellent condition. All that is needed is some touchup. The touchup has been completed.

The Chassis. (pictures) The chassis will be cleaned with water and a mild detergent using soft brushes to get into small places. Most of the paper capacitors have been replaced already. Here is technical information.

After cleaning the chassis I powered it up. The 7.5 ohm 25 watt resistor in the voltage doubler was open. After replacing that, the sweep and high voltage worked well. Then I looked at a multiburst test pattern at the CRT grid (the previous owner told me that the picture looked smeared), and found that there was almost no high frequency response.

I then performed an alignment on the IF stages, and restored the proper response. The video waveform at the CRT now looks fine.

Though there was signal at each of the color demodulators, the color sync was missing. I aligned the phase detector and color oscillator circuits, and the sync then worked.

The next step is to rebuild the plastic rear cover for the yoke, which has almost disintegrated. Then I will put the chassis back in the cabinet and see how the picture looks.

I have made a new plastic rear cover using a plastic bucket with a 6 inch bottom diameter. The set displayed a good picture after putting the chassis back in the cabinet. While doing a convergence alignment something started smoking and the vertical (frame) deflection quit. One of the convergence pots had an internal short, which burned out a resistor in the power supply. After replacing these parts, I did a quick convergence job. The picture looks quite good.