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Early Color Television

 Motorola 19CK1, 19CK2 and 19CT1 Tube List


12 channel (54-216 mHz) superhetrodyne. 19 inch 3 gun CRT (19VP22). Electrostatic focus, magnetic convergence and deflection, approx. 50 degrees. Later replaced with 21AXP22.


Quan. Type
RF amplifier 1 6BZ7
Oscillator/mixer 1 6U8
Video IF amplifier 3 6CB6 45.75 mHz video IF 
Video detector 1 1N60
1st/2nd video amplifier 1 6AN8
Video output 1 12BY7
Chroma bandpass amplifier 1 12BY7
Chroma cathode follower 1/2 12BH7
Burst amplifier 1/2 6AN8
Chroma sync phase detector 1 6AL5
Chroma reference oscillator control 1/2 12AT7
Chroma reference oscillator 1/2 12AT7
Quadrature amplifier 1/2 12BH7
B-Y demodulator 1 6AL5
R-Y demodulator 1 6AL5
G-Y amplifier              1/2 6AN8
B-Y amplifier           1/2 12BH7
R-Y amplifier    1/2 12BH7
1st/2nd audio IF amplifier 1 6AN8 4.5 mHz
Ratio detector 1 6AL5
Audio amplifier/AGC clamper 1 6AV6
Audio output 1 6V6
AGC keying/cathode follower 1 12AU7
Sync separator 1 6CS6
Sync phase inverter 1/2 6SN7
Horizontal (line) AFC 1/2 6SN7        
Horizontal oscillator 1 6SN7
Horizontal output 1 6CD6
HV (EHT) rectifier 1 3A2
HV (EHT) coupler 1 3A2
HV (EHT) doubler 1 3A3 25 kv
Damper 1 6AU4
HV (EHT) regulator 1 6505 Gas discharge tube
Vertical (frame) oscillator/output 1 6BL7
Rectifier (HT) 3
Selenium rectifiers