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The Early Television Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of the technology from the early days of television. Our website's mission is to preserve and make available to the public the history of early television, from the mechanical systems of the 1920s through the introduction of color televsion in the 1950s.

Over $12,000 in tickets were sold for the CT-100 Drawing. Thanks to everyone who bought tickets and supported the museum.

The winner was Karen Sieracki

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Early Television

Recent Additions to our Collection

Early Television

Raytheon 15 inch color

Early Television

6 foot tall Nipper

Early Television

Motorola 16CK1

Early Television

Philco 50-T-1477


Early Television

Raytheon-Belmont 7DX22-P

Early Television

Diamond Power 400 Utiliview

In the Museum's Collection

Mechanical television Pre-1945 Broadcast Equipment Pre-1945 Television Antennas
Pre-1945 Television Postwar Broadcast Equipment Postwar Television Antennas
American postwar television Color Broadcast Equipment Postwar Television Accessories
British, European and South American postwar TV Pre-1945 Picture Tubes Pre-1945 Television Test Equipment
Early Color television Postwar Picture Tubes Postwar Television Test Equipment
Mechanical Broadcast Equipment Color Picture Tubes Dealer Display Items

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