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Picture Tubes

Postwar Picture Tubes

CBS CRT specifications (1956) Philips "Folded-Up" CRT
Corning TV Bulb Selector (early 50s) Picture tube manufacturing
CRT manufacturing items RCA Picture Tube Guide - 1961
CRT rebuilding RCA picture tube price list - 1955
Dumont CRT advertisement Rectangular TV Tube Cuts Cost
DuMont CRT specifications (ca 1945) Skiatron Projection CRT
DuMont CRT specifications (1956) Sylvania flat screen CRT
DuMont's million tube a year plant Sylvania 1946 advertisement
Fairchild (Aiken) flat screen CRT Tung-Sol CRT comic book advertisement
Flat TV Tube (Gabor tube) John S. Vansant, CRT Engineer
General Electric experimental clear CRT Video Display Corp. CRT Interchangeability Guide
How to Manufacture CRTs (Wikibooks) 60 Television Tubes an Hour
New TV Screen Offers Greater Contrast  

Direct View Tubes

7GP4 (1946)


DuMont 12JP4 Prototype (1947)

Philco Rectangular Prototype (late 40s).

Courtesy of Darryl Hock

10HP4. Made about 1948 and used in the Belmont 22AX22 console.

Courtesy of John Folsom

16AP4 (1948)

20BP4 (1946)

21AP4 (1951)

30BP4 (1951) Used in the DuMont Royal Sovereign

K1003P4, postwar replacement for 14AP4 used in DuMont pre-1945 14 inch sets

CRT for use in high light situations



Projection Tubes

Rauland projection tube

Experimental Rauland Projection CRT

TP400 (1948) Used in the Philco 48-2500

3NP4 (1949) Used in Norelco Protelgram projection unit


5TP4 (1946) Used in RCA and other projection sets

Flying Spot Scanner CRTs

Rank Cintel CRT