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Restoring a Vintage Color Television Set

CT-100 : Making it work...

Early Color Television

The first production color television ever sold was manufactured in Indiana beginning in March 1954. Fewer than five-thousand of these marvels of mid-century tube technology were made. At $1000 a pop, not many were sold. Few -- probably under 200 -- remain today and still fewer are in operating condition.

This site will chronicle my attempt to restore one of those rarest of television sets -- the RCA Model CT-100 "The Merrill" with its 36-tube chassis.

If you too are pursuing this challenge, I'd like to hear from you -- perhaps there is information to share. Others, I would value your thoughts on this site or its contents.

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Early Television

Six Years In The Making...
Screen photo of restored CT-100 B8000194.
The 28th operational Merrill known.

Picture alignment in process..

Early Television

Over-the-Air NTSC-standard video.
WNBC New York VHF channel 4
August 8, 2005
, 07:41 EDT

Early Television

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R.I.P. Analog TV: It began July 1, 1941. It morphed into color December 17, 1953. It will cease to exist February 17, 2009.