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Restoring a Vintage Color Television Set



In the winter of '62, the Cuban missile crisis was over--as was my one-semester trial foray into the quest for baccalaureate distinction. I had already begun what were to be my last two semesters in a formal pursuit of technical knowledge. And it's when, one day between January and April 1963, I happened upon a card posted on a school hallway bulletin board. [FOR SALE COLOR TV MAKE OFFER] I called the number, went to see the device, and found an unoperational RCA CT-100 taking up space in the basement of my fellow student's parents northeast Philadelphia home. He had been given the set by an uncle. The guy still wouldn't say how much he wanted, so I offered him forty-five bucks. His eyes grew bright, betraying his delight with the unexpected magnitude of my designing offer. An unanticipated bonanza from his point of view. A treasure from mine. He quickly accepted and we closed the deal.
Early Television I hauled that prize 12 miles in the trunk of a '62 Thunderbird hardtop, back to my apartment. I remember that massive mahogany cabinet sticking out over the trunk lip. So maybe it took two trips: one for the cabinet (with 15GP22, see below) and another for the CTC-2 chassis. Anyway, when I got it all home, sure enough, the set was dead except for audio. It took me little time though to find a bad damper (6AU4), pop in a new one, and begin a thirty-six year love affair with an exotic beauty.  

okay, it's a bit schmaltzy, but like all affairs, this one had its ups and downs too. In fact, most of the time my beauty was sitting in dark garages and storage areas just waiting, gathering grit, getting older, and it turns out, getting better and better, becoming more and more ...rare ...vintage ...antique! Back then I had money and a girlfriend. Today I have two grown kids, an ex, and no money. But what the hell, I got a CT-100 that I'm ready to put my moves on. Again! My T'bird and CT-100 ownership overlapped for only a small window of time. After driving the bird only 12,000 miles, I ordered a '63 Impala convertible with A/C, and turned in the T'bird with only 14,000 miles on the odometer, seen above in the fall of 1962 and below in January 1963 when it turned 11,111.

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