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OKAY now that I have your attention, the old fart on the left is me, and I'm the one you're going to hear about. That's Kris, my niece, next to me and her friend Meggan at Kris' May 1999 birthday number nineteen. It may look as though I'm ready to heave onto that birthday present from her parents, but 'taint true. I'm sixty. I'm supposed to look like that.

And before you get bored, there's a link below to pictures from my wallet of MY kids: they are both the same age here, sixteen I think, but they're five years apart.
Daniel is at Rutgers working on his first degree; Laura teaches the Cello and lives in Michigan with Lebo the cat and Jon the husband (well, you know, nobody's supposed to be good enough for your daughter, but at 28, he teaches college, is working on his Ph.D., and gets his tuition paid by the university for writing web pages, so who can complain?). [AND now on November 17, 2000, Owen Douglas their first progeny, and my first experience as a grandfather. And for my second, it's Alec Jonathan .]

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