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Early Color Television

Vericolor CBS/Remington-Rand Color Camera

A color drum from a different camera

This camera was built in 1950 by Remington-Rand for CBS. It was part of an industrial color system that CBS hoped to sell to hospitals for medical programming, and for other uses. It uses the same field sequential standard (405 lines, 24 frames per second) that the CBS broadcast system used. This camera was donated to the museum by an anonymous donor.

We have complete documentantion on the system, and have built a camera control unit to make the camera operational. The restoration is documented here.

The camera and CCU, next to the Gray Research monitor

The color bar pattern - the subject being televised stands here

Behind the lenses is a drum containing color filters and a motor to drive it. The lenses can be rotated remotely from the CCU. The optical focus can also be adjusted by the CCU.

Inside the camer, showing the image orthicon tube and deflection yoke

The chassis video amplifier is shown here. Deflection circuits are in the CCU.

Front of cameera. On the left is the color drum and motor. On the right is the front of the IO tube and the focus motor.

The bottom, showing the cable connector