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Early Color Television

Remington Rand Vericolor Camera

Vericolor camera at the museum
Vericolor Instruction Manual (courtesy of Cliff Benham)
Jordan Marsh department store color demonstration
Vericolor camera at the University of Kansas
Color TV to Train Medical Students (courtesy of Phil Dudley)
Color TV Series to Show Surgery (courtesy of Phil Dudley)
August 16, 1950 article
CBS Presentation to the 1952 IRE Convention (courtesy of Mark Aceto)
CBS microscope camera

This camera was made by Remington Rand for CBS for a field sequential industrial closed circuit system. It uses the same standard that CBS broadcast in 1951

The camera

Camera details. Pan, tilt and focus were remotely controlled from the CCU

Camera chain

CCU and monitor

Regulated power supply

Motor/generator and regulated power supply

Press photo, January 18, 1955