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Early Color Television

15 Inch Commercially Sold Sets and Monitors (1954)

NTSC Prototypes

These sets were either sold to the public, or have characteristics that made it clear that the manufacturer had developed them to the point where they could be sold. Who Sold the First NTSC Color Set to the Public?



Admiral C1617A


Courtesy of Pete Deksnis

Douglas 15" 

(LA Times Jan 1, 1954. Courtesy of Steve Dichter)

Emerson C-501

 Courtesy of John Folsom

General Electric 15CL100

Motorola 16CK1

Courtesy of John Folsom

FAB Detergent Contest

RCA Model 5 

RCA CT-100

Sentinel 806-CM

Sparton 16A211

Stromberg Carlson K-1

Courtesy of Ed Reitan

Sylvania 451

 Courtesy of John Folsom

Westinghouse H840CK15

Zenith 15"

Courtesy of Dave Johnson


Dage 650 Monitor  

DuMont 15 inch Monitor

Courtesy of John Folsom

Specification Sheet

General Electric 4TM-15 Monitor  

RCA TM-10 Monitor

Polarad M-200 15" monitor 

Courtesy of George Lemaster


Wickes color monitor ad from IRE Proceedings, June 1954. Wickes ran ads for color encoder, vectorscope, bar generator, stairstep generator, etc. about every month in the IRE in 1954.

KOAM-TV Pittsburg/Joplin MO about 1963. You'll see a Wickes color monitor near the back.

Courtesy of George Lemaster