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Early Color Television

Raytheon 15 Inch Color

These pictures are of the only surviving set (chassis only).

Here are comments from Bob Millard:

Attached are some pictures I took of the Raytheon TV chassis.  The larger is the color chassis and the smaller is a modified b&w chassis.  The tall can in the center back of the video chassis is their rather strange UHF tuner.  There’s a picture of the delay line under the color chassis and a closer shot of the focus & convergence HV supplies.  The video chassis supplies the sweep & 2nd anode – no HV regulation – I wonder how well that worked???

Courtesy of Steve Dichter

Chicago Tribune December 21, 1953

This article was published 10 days before Admiral had announced it was shipping color sets to dealers and distributors. It may be that Raytheon was the first company to sell NTSC color sets to the public. No complete Raytheon 15 inch color sets survive and we have no photos of the set.