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Early Color Television

Who Sold the First NTSC Color Set to the Public?


December 12, 1953: Ad in the New Castle, PA newspaper implies that Admiral sets are for sale. Article

Several articles found by Marshall Wozniak support the claim that Admiral sets were available in December of 1953.

The book Watching TV - Four Decades of American Television, by Harry Castleman and Walter J. Podrazik, says that Admiral started selling sets on this date (Thanks to TVHistory.TV and Steve Dichter for this information)

Early Television

Early Television

Model C1617A

January 6, 1954: Ad in the Cumberland, MD newspaper stating that an Admiral set would be on display in a local TV shop

January 14, 1954: Ad in the San Francisco Examiner stating that Admiral sets were available for purchase

January 17, 1954: Article in the Indianpolis Star showing Admiral set at a dealer



December 21, 1953: Raytheon issues a press release saying that they have delivered 15 inch set to their distributors. Chicago Tribune article says that sets are being delivered to retailers.

Articles found by Marshall Wozniak about the Raytheon set.

Early Television


Philharmonic (AMC)

January 20, 1954: Article in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported that a Philharmonic (AMC) set was sold for $995, plus a $200 service contract, with delivery in 3 to 4 weeks.

Early Television

Philharmonic 15 inch



March or April, 1954: Advertisments appear for the Westinghouse H940CK15, priced at $1,295. About 500 were sold.

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June, 1954: RCA starts selling its CT-100. About 4000 were sold.

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