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2007 Early Television Convention

The 2007 Early Television Convention was held on Friday, May 4, Saturday, May 5, and Sunday, May 6 at the Early Television Museum in Hilliard, Ohio. The buffet lunch, presentations, and banquet were at the Makoy Center, a conference facility about 2 blocks from the museum.  

In addition to the presentations described below, our working CBS Color Converter and Adapter and our Color mirror screw receiver were demonstrated

John Folsom demonstrated his NTSC "Personal" color wheel converter, similar to the COL-R-TEL, viewing our DuMont Royal Sovereign. Denis Asseman demonstrated his replica General Electric Octagon, and Darryl Hock showed his color neon lamp assembly, which was installed in our Western Visonette.

Pete Deksnis has published a report on the How Good can a picture be on a 15GP22 project on his website. Dave Sica wrote an article about the convention for the AWA Journal.


Saturday Presentations


Sunday Presentation


How good can a picture be on a 15GP22? Wayne Bretl, Pete Deksnis, John Folsom, Ed Reitan