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Early Electronic Television


Advertising Literature
More information on Baird prewar sets
John Logie Baird


T-5 (1936) 15 inch. Original Price 44 Gns.

T-5C (1936) 15 inch

Courtesy of Jon Evans

T-11 (1937)


T-12 (1937) 15 Inch.

T-13 (1938) 15 inch. TV/Radio/Phono

T-14 (1938) 15 inch. Original price 130 Gns.

T-18 (1938) Original price 46 Pounds

Courtesy of Trevor Cass

T-18C (1938)  Original price 44 Gns

T-19 (1938)  The sales catalog says:  "The CRT is mounted vertically in the cabinet and projects the picture through a lens which focuses the picture on to a mirror in the lid. From here the picture is thrown direct on to the viewing screen. The picture size is 18 by 15" high. A second screen giving a picture 24" by 19" high can be provided if required.Original price 150 Gns.

(Information courtesy of David Boynes)

T-20 Table Model (1938)

Courtesy of Jon Evans

T-20 (1938) Original Price 40 Pounds

Courtesy of Dave Newman

T-21 (1938)

Courtesy of Jon Evans

T-23 (1938) 15 inch. Original price 60 Gns.

T-24 (1939) Original Price 33 Gns.

T-25 (1939) Original Price 47 Gns.

T-26 (1939) Original Price 40 Gns.

T-27 (1939)

T-28 (1939) Original Price 33 Gns.

John Logie Baird and a prewar prototype electronic set. Notice the strange CRT. It appears that the phosphor screen is on a plate inside the tube, possibly to make a flat, rectangular picture. 

Courtesy of David Boynes

1935 Prototype

1935 Mirror In Lid Prototype

Baird 1938-39 prototype