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Early Electronic Television

Baird T-18C Chassis

The TV Chassis before restoration

Damage to the end of the CRT

The Radio/Power Supply chassis before restoratio

After restoration


The jack to select CRT current (bottom view). Each loop has a few ohms resistance.

The TV chassis, after reassembly. The brass RF module will be mounted on the right side

The RF module as viewed from the top. The second RF amplifier tube (valve) is visible in the center. On the left is the socket for the first RF amplifier, and on the right is the socket for the video amplifier. The red plug goes to the input of the sync amplifier, while the yellow plug goes to the CRT cathode.

In the bottom view the first RF amplifier is visible on the right. On the left is the video amplifier. At the front left the diode detector is barely visible. In front is the power cable (shielded). On the right are the antenna input cable and the cable that connects to the 41.5 mHz input on the radio chassis.