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Early Electronic Television

Baird T-23

The CRT is similar to the one found in the Cossor 1210. The rubber mask has the appearance of a post-war component.

CRT neck components comprise of the correct line scan coils but I'm not sure about the focus coil.  The field timebase arrangement is similar to that employed in the T20, that is, pole pieces extend from the field oscillator transformer.

The timebase unit, which is similar to the one fitted to my T23. Note the horizontally mounted gold metalised valve (tube), it is the interlace filter and is only fitted to the T23. The T5 does without it.  The valve in your set is likely to be a Mullard 2D4A double diode with both anodes connected together. The timebase power oscillator triode valves (tubes) should be the Cossor 41MP. Equivalents are the Mazda AC/P or the Mullard TT4. Each timebase has its own sync separator.

The receiver unit. It is evident that it is not a Baird unit, more likely to be from a 1950 Murphy. Those miniature valves (tubes) must be have their own 6.3 volt filament transformer somewhere.

The EHT (high voltage) supply unit. In my set the video DC restorer is present in this part of the set.

The HT (power supply) unit