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Early Television
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Early Television


1931Associated Press Photo - "Another successful activity of the California Television Society is perfecting a method of transmitting both vision and sound at Los Angeles by means of the apparatus they are perfecting. A signature or any other black and white object is seen by the transmitting outfit and send over the wire instead of being split into multitudinous dots as in the old system."

Early Television

According to a 1930 newspaper article, the "California Television Society, a small group of men largely connected with pictures, has been organized to study the past and current development of television and kindred subjects with headquarters at the Warner-Kelton Hotel. An experimental laboratory will be built and Dr. D. Morandini of the University of California is conducting an extension class for the club. Lee Jason, film director, is president of the organization."

More photos from the California Television Society are at the Los Angeles Public Library

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